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How to Clean Dogs Ears


To make your puppy grow healthy and happy it is necessary to follow the simple rules of hygiene in particular control the state of your pet's ears. The healthy dog needs to have its ears cleaned at least once in two or three weeks and if your dog has the short ears it is necessary to clean them once a week.

This simple procedure will help you to avoid many unpleasant things connected with the state of health of your pet. The matter is that even in the healthy ears the ear wax will accumulate. The excessive amounts of the ear wax may lead to the inflammation.


You'll Need:

cotton sticks;

ear cleaning solution;

the cotton pad or disc (depending upon the size of the ear conch)



Prepare the dog

Choose the time when your dog is calm and you don't have to hurry somewhere else. Ask somebody to assist you and hold the dog. Before you start actually cleaning your dog's ears make sure that the last feels comfortable. Massage the ears of the pup gently and proceed with doing the procedures.


Prepare the cotton disc

Take the special solution for cleaning the dog's ears. You may buy it in any vet shop. That solution may be greasy or not. If you don't have any vet ear solution for dogs you may use the vegetable oil. Dip the cotton pad into the oil. Control it so that it wouldn't be too wet. Lift the cotton pad. The solution of the oil shouldn't drop from the cotton pad.


Make the cleaning movements

Fix the head of the dog in place. There is no need to pull its neck or touch its head rough. Just hug the dog under its neck and press its head slightly against your chest. The small dog or pup may be wrapped in a large towel.

Bend the ear conch to the side and start wiping its inner part carefully. Move the cotton pad slowly from the top to the bottom of the ear conch. Do it gently in order to cause as little discomfort as possible. The less discomfort the puppy will feel during the first cleaning procedure the easier you will clean its ears in the future. It will develop the positive or neutral attitude to this unpleasant procedure. Clean only that part of the ear conch that you may see easily. There is no need to penetrate the ear channels.


Treat your dog

Calm the pup down during the cleaning procedure. Talk to it gently and softly. Be ready to the fact that the puppy may resist to let you clean its ears. Even if you will be maximum careful the dog will still feel some unpleasant touch. If your dog wishes to shake its head after it has had its ears cleaned don't prevent it from shaking its head. It is possible that some solution or oil has gone inside the ears. It will be better if the dog gets rid of this solution itself. When you finish cleaning the dog's ears praise the dog for the patience and give it some treat.


  • Don't use the cotton sticks for the dog's ears. You may hurt the dog using a cotton stick or injure its ear channels.
  • Don't be rough with the dog. It may feel nervous and be afraid of this procedure.
  • Don't use any alcohol substances to clean the dog's ears. That may cause the irritation and the allergic reactions.



It is necessary to examine your dog's ears regularly and clean them. The hygienic procedures should be carried out carefully to avoid hurting or injuring the dog. The friendly and kind treating of your dog will ease the procedure significantly.

Take into consideration that this procedure isn't a pleasant one for the dog. Let the dog shake its head or scratch its ears from time to time.

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