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How to Choose a Bible Translation


Bible was written a long time ago and has a lot of translations and interpretations. If you have just started discovering a Holy Book, you should be very attentive picking the right translation. When you go to the Christian bookstore and see the shelves with different versions of Bible translation, you are overwhelmed by them. How can you possibly make a choice? This statement is especially important if you want to introduce your kids to the Bible. Basically, choosing the translation is a matter of one’s personal choice and preferences. Read this article to choose the best variant of translation.


Home and Christian Standard Bible

This option is a great choice if you are looking for something “in the middle”, a book that “has it all” – some kind of a universal variant that you can use for going to church or personal devotion. This variant is written in a simplified language and adapted for an average reader.

Word-for-word translation

Some people find a Home and Christian Bible unsatisfactory and look for more sophisticated translations. “Word-for-word” translation is closer to the original, but it should be only read by those who know the Bible and can understand the meaning even if it seems challenging because it consists of long passages that are hard to process for a newbie. However, buying this type of Bible, you know you get the most of it and get detailed information.

Thought-for-thought translation

This type of translation is less literal but way easier to understand. Thus, this option is really great for beginners as it gives them a grasp of things without overloading them with information. This type of translations is usually typical for New Living.

Bible with notes

If this is your first time reading Bible, opt for the books with notes and explanations. They will help you get your ideas straight in case you are having a hard time figuring out all those lines.

  • Don’t buy too complicated word-for-word translations if you are new to this. Bible is not some sort of home task, and just reading the content isn’t enough. You need to feel it, understand it, and let it talk to you, and it is totally impossible if you don’t understand what it is all about. Look for adaptations in the very beginning and skip to word-for-word translations later.



Use our guidelines to make up your mind on the translation. Ideally, you want to have all the variants in your library. This is a rich way of approaching to Bible: you can grab one to church, read another to get a better understanding of its meaning, and look at the third one to get some explanations.

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