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How to Check Internet Speed


If your internet is slow and you can't load pages or download movies there can be various reasons of why this is happening. Most people tend to think it is because their internet connection is bad, but it is not always so: if your computer is old or eaten by viruses or both: old and wrecked by viruses, it obviously can be the reason why your internet is slow and this reason is - your computer. Anyway, just to figure out what the problem is, you first of all have to check Internet speed to have a plan in your head what you should do next.


Checking Internet Speed Online

If you still think the problem may be your internet connection, then before you do the speed test, restart your computer and modem or / and router: unplug them, first plug in the modem, wait until all the lights are green and only after that plug in the router, and wait until all its lights are green. Click on the icon of your browser (it doesn't matter what browser you are using), and search for an online speed test. You can go to any of these sites, you will see the window with a "Play" or "Start" button, you need to press it. It is going to be loading for a couple of seconds, after that you are going to proceed all the actions that website wizard tells you, and wait a minute or so. After the test is completed, you are going to see the table of results, e.g.: Download speed 5.41 Mbps - Upload speed 2.28 Mbps

  • Aside from checking internet speed you should make sure that such applications as Firewall don't slow down your computer. Aside from Firewall there are other p2p programs that can slow down your computer, such as uTorrent, BitComet, eMule, P2P TV and others. Make sure these programs are closed.
  • Another reason why your internet can be slow is work of active programs that may be running in batch mode.
  • If it takes a long time for a web page to load, it means that the page may contain complicated graphical solutions.
  • Remember: the more programs are running the slower is the work of your computer.
  • Weak video adapter or random-access store can cause the speed problem. Such Antiviruses as Kaspersky and EsetNOD32 can significantly affect the speed of your computer. But you still shouldn't work on your PC without an Antivirus. Checking your computer for viruses before you make speed test may be a good idea.



Do not forget to restart your modem or / and router before you measure your internet speed.

Don't forget to close speed consuming programs

Do not run the speed test before you close such programs as uTorrent, and other programs that upload / download information to / from your computer.



Remember that there are a lot of factors that may affect the speed of your computer and Internet connection, maybe the problem is your provider or cheap plan. Ask your friends, they may recommend you a better provider. There is always a way to fix your problem and you absolutely shouldn't be a computer genius to do that.

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