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How to Check Application Status for Us Immigration



Naturalization is a time consuming process that is associated with a lot of paperwork and a long wait. Usually, the US Immigration Service sends timely notifications to its clients, but playing safe and checking your status is always a good idea just in case. So, if you have sent your documents and are growing impatient day by day, feel free to read this article and learn more about several ways to check your application.


Online check

  • Open up your browser and go to http://travel.state.gov/. Take a look at the top of the page Ė youíll see the task panel with several options.
  • Choose the Visas option and review the basic information on this page.
  • At the left hand menu, click on Visa Bulletin.
  • Go ahead and click Current Bulletin.
  • Review the information and get an idea of timing.

Web App

If you have an Android smartphone, you can download a specific application that you can use to track any changes in your immigration status. Opt for USCIS Case Status Notifier in Android market. This program checks the status twice a day and sends you an alert if something changes. All you need to do is install the app, open it on your smartphone, enter your USCIS case number, and check the status.


Sign up for the updates

If you donít want to mess with website checks and repeat the entire walkthrough over and over again, just go back to http://travel.state.gov/ and sign up for the updates.


Direct contact

If youíve been waiting for too long, feel free to contact USCIS. Go to http://travel.state.gov/, and choose the About Visa Services option on the left. Select the Contact Us option and choose one that suits your specific situation.

  • Donít call the Immigration Service unless there is a serious delay. You donít want to panic and bother people without a good reason.
  • Donít download the Android app from unreliable websites. Go to the Android market and get a licensed version of the app. Working with unfamiliar sellers, you risk your computerís safety, so think twice before you download anything.
  • Donít forget to point out the correct type of form. Thus, application for citizenship and immigration sponsorship by family member are two different things, although some people treat them as synonyms. Know your forms!



Basically, USCIS official website has the answers to any visa questions you may have. Take your time to browse the website thoroughly and get an idea of its interface. You can find tons of useful information there. Use our tips to navigate this website and also utilize alternative ways of viewing your immigration status anytime you want.

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