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How to Change Transmission Fluid


Changing the transmission fluid in the gear unit of a car is a very important procedure. On its proper fulfilling depends not only the state of the vehicle but also the safety of the driver and the passengers during the ride. The car producers and technical specialists recommend to change the transmission fluid regularly after each 22 000 miles of the haul. However depending on the exploiting conditions the transmission fluid may need to be checked more often or seldom, on the opposite.


You'll Need:

the car owner's guide;

the new transmission fluid

( 3.2- 5.2 qt depending on the car model and the exploiting conditions)

the box end wrenches;

the bowl for collecting the used transmission fluid;

the oil charger



Check the condition and amount of transmission fluid in your car

Check the state of the transmission fluid in your car. If its amount can't be called sufficient and its level has fallen below the mark "normal" you will have to get ready for changing the transmission fluid. By the way if you have found out that your car has run out of the transmission fluid you should also check the amount and the quality of the motor oil as well. The presence of the dirt and some non-required objects as the metal powder may be the signs of the alternated chemical content of the motor oil and the transmission fluid which may lead to the serious breakdown of the engine of your car. The odd color of the motor oil may also be the sign of such danger.


Start your car to warm the engine

Before you start the procedure of changing the transmission fluid warm the engine of your car. Pay attention to the fact that depending on the exploiting peculiarities the engine of various cars warms in different manners. Generally it is required to drive your car at the distance of two and a half to four miles to prepare your engine completely.


Let the old transmission liquid pour out

Screw the plug of the draining out carefully using the box end wrench. To prevent the dirty oily drops of the transmission fluid to get on your clothes wear the protective costume or just an old jacket and a cap. Wait for some time to let the thick liquid to drain completely. Make sure that all the transmission fluid is removed from the gear unit. Screw the plug tightly using the box end wrench.


Charge the fresh transmission liquid in

Start pouring the new transmission fluid into the car using the suitable method of its delivery to the gear unit. It is necessary to mention that the process of changing the transmission fluid is a rather complicated one and requires some experience and a lot of patience. It is recommended to use the oil charger or the tools that may be used instead of it. That may be a large plastic syringe, screw feed grease cup or any other similar device. The important detail that unites these devices is the presence of a strainer which directs the transmission fluid right into the tank of the gear unit via the rubber pipe.


Add more transmission liquid if necessary

Continue adding the transmission fluid until its level reaches the lower mark. Look up the necessary amount of the transmission fluid for the average exploiting in the guide.


  • Don't try to change the transmission fluid if you have absolutely no experience in that. It is better to have it changed in the car service center.
  • Avoid contacting of the transmission fluid with the skin. That may cause the serious irritation and allergic reactions. Don't work without the protective costume.
  • Don't use the transmission fluid that doesn't correspond your car's requirements. That may be a cause of a breakage.
  • Make sure that you have screwed the plug tightly. Don't forget to check it.
  • Don't use the car if you have noticed the drops of the transmission fluid under its bottom.



Anyway if you have decided to change the transmission fluid by yourself it is better to ask your experienced friend to provide you the necessary assistance.

It is necessary to change the transmission fluid in time in order to avoid some serious problems with the car engine. Always check the state of the transmission fluid.

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