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How to Change Gmail Password


Google is one of the most popular search engines along with Yahoo, Bing and some others. No wonder most of us prefer Gmail to other services. You can entrust Google with anything, its interface is user-friendly, it is easy to use and you can attach to your messages files that weigh up to 25 Mb, while for Yahoo it's only 20 Mb. There is a wide choice of themes; if you can't choose, you can get them to switch automatically. Registration usually takes up to 10 minutes and requires your phone number. You don't have to be afraid to enter it as Google will store and guard your personal information carefully.


How to change your Gmail password

  • To change your password you need to go to Google and click on the Gmail tab.
  • Log into the system by entering your Gmail address and your password.
  • In the upper right hand corner you will see the "settings" button with a little tool sign on it. Click on the button.
  • Choose "settings" from the drop down menu.
  • In the window that appears you will see a few tabs, you will need to click on the one that says "accounts and import".
  • The first thing you are going to see after pressing "accounts and import" - "change your account settings". Right next to it you will see the column of options, you need to choose one that says "change password". Easier way: if you can't find password settings, go to this page, here you can change your password.
  • You will see a new tab open in your browser window. In this tab you will be offered to change your password. To change it, type in your current password (in the upper field) and your new password in the middle field. Confirm your new password by re-typing it in the third field. Google will prompt you if your password is insecure or you already used it for your Gmail account. You need to use both: letters and numbers if you want your password to be secure enough.

How to create a perfect password

If you are not willing to write down your new password as you are afraid someone may find it and log into your account, then create a perfect password you will never forget: take your favorite poem (i.e. Annabel Lee by E.A. Poe):

It was many and many a year ago,

In a kingdom by the sea,

That a maiden there lived whom you may know

By the name of Annabel Lee.

Take the first letters of each line: i i t b. And place a number in between. A number you will remember. Let's say you always wanted to weigh 100 lbs. Place the number between the letters: ii100tb. Even if you forget this password, you will easily recover it.


  • Don't forget to write down your new password and guard it carefully.
  • Don't ever tell anyone your password.
  • If you get a new phone, don't forget to change your phone number in your account settings.
  • Don't use the same password for all the sites and social networking sites.



To avoid password problems in the future, you may associate your phone number with Google account and other email address (optional) in order to forward mail. It will also make it easier for you to log into the system (you may be asked to type in your other email address in order to be authorized).

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