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How to Celebrate Solstices And Equinoxes with Children


Regardless of the confession you belong to, such phenomena as equinox and solstices cannot but excite anyone under the sun. These natural phenomena make people feel the power of nature and understand how beautiful and mysterious it is. If you have kids, you should doubtlessly share this knowledge with them. Follow these tips to explain your kids what equinox and solstice are all about.

Research the topic

You need to know these phenomena through and through to be able to explain why they happen and why it is important. Without some pre-history, kids wonít notice anything special about these events. So, make sure you have something to tell them when gather for celebration. Itís a good idea to practice your speech beforehand, prepare some interesting stories, such as scientific and mythological backgrounds of these events. Tell them some legends and myths connected with equinox and solstice you are about to witness to attract their attention.

Check the calendar

You want to make sure that you know for sure when the phenomenon you want to celebrate takes place. Double check the timing Ė you want to be ready by a certain moment, so you want to arrive earlier and be all set when the sun sets or rises.

Do your preparations

  • Invite other people you want to celebrate equinox/solstices with. Ideally, you want your kids to be familiar with most of the guests and get along.
  • Choose the place for celebration. You can gather your guests on your backyard in case the equinox/solstice can be easily observed from there. If you live in a big city or in some sort of urban area and canít observe the event due to some obstacles, go out of town and do your preparations on the open area.
  • Pack your stuff. Make sure you have snacks (including your kidsí preferred ones), warm clothes and blankets, camp chairs, beverages, sunglasses, etc. Do your best to make your kids feel comfortable and understand the importance of the event.

Explain the rituals

If you are planning on some rituals, explain your kids what they are all about and show them what they will look like. Little kids can be frightened when their parents start acting weird, so assure them that

  • Donít invite too many guests your kids are not familiar with. A lot of strangers can scare your kids away and make them feel uncomfortable. Close friends and relatives are good candidates to invite. If thereís no way you can skip the invitation of ďstrangersĒ, make sure there are some people around that your kids know and get along with.
  • Donít neglect your kids during the celebration. Keep an eye for them and make sure they donít run away and have a good time.



Family celebrations are a great opportunity to spend quality time with your kids, enrich their knowledge, and expand their horizons. Unlike adults, kids are more sensitive to beauty, nature, and mystery, so they will totally appreciate this experience. Use our tips to explain your kids what this celebration is all about and organize the celebration properly.

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