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How to Celebrate Holidays As a Pagan Around Non Pagans


Itís pretty hard to be tolerant when it comes to oneís beliefs. Everyone thinks that his or her faith is the only gospel truth, and this fact makes intercommunication way harder. If you belong to Pagans, you probably know how hard it is to explain other people what your religion is all about and why itís important to you to celebrate Pagan holidays. At best, they just donít understand it; at worst, they donít want to be a part of the holiday in any way. Ideally, youíd better spend Pagan holidays with your fellow Pagans, but if you share your living space with non-pagans and thereís no way for you to celebrate anywhere else except for your house, feel free to check our tips for celebrating Pagan holidays around non-Pagans without hurting anyoneís religious feelings.


Talk to your friends

Try to patiently explain them what this celebration is all about and why itís important to you. Do your best to convince people that itís not dangerous and they have nothing to worry about. However, donít be too passionate about your explanations. You donít want to sound like you are trying to convert them to Paganism. People hate being dictated someone elseís religious convictions, and that will only make the things worse.

Discuss the plan of the event

If the holiday you are about to celebrate is some sort of a party, feel free to invite your non-Pagan friends and offer them to take a part in the celebration. Explain them what this holiday is all about and what people are going to do during the celebration. If they are open-minded and friendly enough, they would most likely accept the invitation and have a lot of fun and new impressions.

Think about Plan B

If your non-Pagan friends refused to take a part in the celebration for some reason, think about how it can be done without bothering them. For example, you can do the necessary preparations in your room or on the backyard without using the common space. Discuss the terms: for example, warn them about any noises you can make during the celebration and discuss the time frames.

Be respectful

Donít try to convince anyone that your religion is the only true one, donít insult people, and always be polite and tolerant speaking about their holidays. Respectful attitude is the only way you can share a living space while having different religious beliefs.


Donít act like a minority

Apologizing, begging, and pleading shouldnít be your means of achieving goals. This is a democratic country where everyone has the right to believe in anything he or she finds convincing. You have the same rights as your Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or atheist friends. Let them know you know your rights.

Avoid open confrontations

Although most of people with a healthy amount of common sense would understand you, there are some really intolerant folks who can get mad about your celebration. Stay away from them, seriously, they arenít worth bothering. They can be very aggressive when they face with something they donít understand, and you don't want to fall victim of their anger and intolerance.



Being ďnot like the othersĒ in modern society is still pretty challenging and you have to fight for your rights and beliefs if you belong to some type of minorities. However, people donít always act like Ku Klux Clan, and itís up to you to convince them that you are a normal person with the same rights. Use our tips to make your celebration as painless and comfortable for both parties as possible.

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