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How to Capture Streaming Video


You have probably come across the following problem at least once. When you watch the videos via some websites like Youtube you my easily do that using your browser. However when you need to download these videos a problem may arise. The main problem is that the most part of the users try to use the option "Save Target As..." to download the selected video onto their computers or some other devices like tablet PC or smart-phones. However the main trouble is the fact that this method won't work with these types of media files.

There are some ways to solve this problem. Even if you are not so experiences computer user you may choose the best method that will suit you. The users may find it quite handy to use the so-called download helper websites, some special software applications or their browser extension.


Download helper websites

You may try to visit the world famous websites like KeepVid or Youtube Downloader in order to get the free like for downloading the selected video. Make sure you have copied and saved the address of the selected video to insert it into the required form. Another principle of these websites functioning is providing the users the catalogs of the videos uploaded to this site. There websites are not the video hosting resources like Youtube but they provide the users the specific service. The users need to enter the URL of the selected video to the required form and click the "OK" button in order to choose the source for downloading from the list. Some download helper websites also offer the instant converting of the video files to the required or just some popular video file format. For example the resource called KeepVid offers all the captured videos to be instantly converted to Mpeg media file format.

Firefox extension

Mozilla Firefox provides its users the possibility to capture the streaming videos with the help of the original add-on called Video Downloader extension. This add-on is totally compatible with both Microsoft Windows OS and Mac OS. If you have already installed Mozilla Firefox you need to do the following succession of procedures to capture any streaming video you like.


  • Load the web page that contains the stream video.
  • Open the selected video in a download window.
  • Click the option "Save" and choose the location of the file that is to be saved.
  • Wait for the download process to be fully finished.
  • After the download is completed click the "Open" button.
  • The default video file format that all the videos will be saved in is FLV. If your media player doesn't support this file format you will need to convert it.

Software applications

Another way to capture the stream video is to use the software applications developed especially for saving the stream videos. You may use either paid or free ones. To grab one just browse the Internet. Basically the principle of all the programs of such type is one and the same. The user submits the URL of the video and the program launches the download process.


  • Don't use any illegal software applications. If you are using some paid application you need to pay the obligatory fees but bot cheat.
  • Don't download and store any illegal content like pornography.
  • Don't forget that these videos are mostly saved in FLV format. You will probably need to convert them.



The most part of the video hosting websites including Youtube use the highly-compressed streaming videos. That is why the "Save Target As" option doesn't work. However this type of data compression allows all the videos to be played back without any delays in the most art of the Internet browsers.

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