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How to Buy a Mezuzah


Mezuzah is a piece of parchment in a special case that Jewish people attach to the doorframes of their houses. Mezuzah is inscribed with holy verses and is a must-have for any religious Jewish family. The scroll is the main part of Mezuzah, while the case is a secondary attribute that protects the scroll from damages. Whenever you move to a new house, make sure you attach the Mezuzot to your doorframes. However, many people have a hard time buying this holy attribute these days. There are a lot of knockoffs and unreliable sellers that want to make money by selling low quality Mezuzot, and you definitely don't want to be one of their clients. Check out our tips for buying a Mezuzah regardless of your location.

First and foremost, count the doors that lead to the living quarters to make up your mind on the number of Mezuzot you need. Note that some small rooms donít require a Mezuzah. If you are not sure about that, talk to the Rabbi to make sure the room is large enough. There are several ways to go when you are looking for a reliable seller:


Judaica store

You can find one regardless of your location, but you also should remember that these stores are not equal. Avoid kosher departments in regular supermarkets and look for a reputable authentic store in your town.



Itís a good idea to buy a Mezuzah directly from the manufacturer, i.e. from the scribe that produces the scrolls. Thus, you know for sure that itís real and meets the requirements.



There are a lot of Mezuzah websites to be found these days, but you should be very careful when order your Mezuzot online. Ask for a scanned copy of the certificate that proves their Mezuzot to be legitimate.


Local Jewish community

Ask your Jewish friends and neighbors to recommend you a good store or website.



If you are new in the town and donít know anyone who can help you with this choice, ask a local Rabbi for help. No doubt, he knows the best places where you can shop for Mezuzot.

  • Donít attach the mezuzah to the door that is not the entrance to a humansí dwelling, such as garages, cattle sheds, closets, or warehouses.
  • Donít buy too cheap Mezuzot. Mezuzah that has a holy power should be written on a piece of kosher animalís skin by a deeply religious Sofer. Cheap Mezuzah can look like Mezuzah, but you never know whether or not all the rituals were fulfilled.
  • Donít forget to attach the Mezuzot to each and every doorframe in your house (except for those that lead to the toilet and bathroom). One Mezuzah in front of the entrance isnít enough.



Mezuzah differentiates a Jewish house from the rest of the houses and reminds the inhabitants about Godís almightiness every time they enter the room. When you buy a Mezuzah for your house, you need to be 100% sure it was certified as kosher, and thatís why you need to be extra careful choosing the seller. Use our tips for buying a Mezuzah to make sure it was created according to the rules.

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