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How to Buy Crafts from Third World Countries



Economical barriers, unfair trading policy, low living standard in the third world countries – all these problems are very serious and require wise political and economical decisions, but you can do your part in this process. For example, buying crafts from the third world countries can aid these countries tremendously. Thus, you can enjoy wonderful authentic crafts and help people across the globe. This is a great gift for your loved ones and a nice opportunity to blend good deeds with a great saving ideas. Even a small contribution can help, so feel free to use our tips and buy crafts from the third world countries.

Carry out an Internet research

If you are looking for something specific, for example Taiwanese jewelry, clothes from India, or souvenirs from Africa, feel free to google it and look for online stores that sell this type of products. In most cases, Google search will show you the list of nice websites where you can buy authentic crafts at a low price.

Search on eBay

This is the easiest way you can buy crafts from developing countries. Go to http://green.ebay.com/ and search for different handmade crafts.

Look for non-profit organizations

These companies deal with promoting the third world’s small businesses, and you can find a lot of tiny companies that sell their authentic crafts all over the world.

Buy from the manufacturer

If you are planning to visit one of these countries in the nearest future, go to the local market and buy stuff directly from the producer. With a bit of argumentation and your seller’s English skills, you can make a deal and discuss the possibility of further cooperation.

Consider fair trade

You won’t have any problems with finding related companies if you live in a big city. If you don’t, check some in the nearby bigger cities and order a delivery to your town.

Shop in local authentic stores

There are some stores that specialize in selling handmade crafts from developing countries. Explore the neighborhood and find fancy stores with great crafts.

Look for specific companies

For example, LUSH Cosmetics http://www.lush.com/ and some other producers buy their ingredients from individual sellers in third world countries and use them to make their beauty products. Buying their cosmetics, you contribute in their economy and support individual entrepreneurs.

Avoid large companies

Sometimes, they take all the revenue and the manufacturers from the third world countries don’t receive any extra payments.

Don’t buy fake products

The fact that the things you buy look like authentic crafts is not a guarantee that it wasn’t made in China. Make sure the crafts you buy are real and made by the manufacturers from the developing countries.



Authentic crafts from the third world countries can become an amazing decoration for your interior design or a nice gift. Buying these crafts from developing countries, you support local economy and help individual sellers make their living. Use our tips to buy fancy handmade crafts and become a part of the world’s economical machine.

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