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How to Burp a Baby


The air that is accumulated in the stomach of a baby may bring it much discomfort. Even the adult people may feel gas pain or feeling of nausea if the gas is accumulated in their stomach. The largest part of the air that a baby may swallow comes into the stomach during the feeding procedure. Besides that the baby may sallow some air during crying or even while just breathing.

As air accumulates in the stomach of the baby it may become anxious or suppose it is full when kin fact it has drunken a little milk.


How to understand the baby needs burping

Many babies experience discomfort when they get air in their stomach. That is why it is necessary to burp the baby right after the feeding. However there are also the babies who don't face such problem. If a baby needs burping it starts crying and refuses to take another breast or continue its meal. The baby may grimace, look sad and express anger especially if you try to lay it down on the back after the feeding.

How to help the baby who is fed with the help of a bottle?

The baby swallows the air bubbles between making the sucking movements. Try to hold the bottle almost vertically so that there remain practically no empty space in the binky. The whole binky should be constantly filled with milk.

How to help the baby to burp?

  • In the case the baby sucks the milk or the mix normally there is nothing to worry about. You shouldn't stop the feeding otherwise it may burst out in crying and swallow some air. Make the break only when the baby is ready to stop.
  • Hold the baby vertically. Make sure you support its head as well. Pat it mildly on the back. You may also stroke baby by the back upwards. Imagine you press the air out softly.
  • Remember that the baby may often burp some food with the air as well, that's why always use a towel.

Choose the best position for your baby

  • Put the baby on your knees with its face down. Pat its back softly.
  • Hold the baby under its buttocks and press its head against your shoulder.
  • Let the baby sit leaning forwards a little. Hold it with one hand and pat its back with the other one.

Why some babies can't burp easily?

If the baby didn't burp during several minutes after the feeding that means there isn't any necessity. However the stomach of some babies lets the air into the colon easily. In that case you will have to be patient and change the baby's position for several times. Some babies are able to burp only when they are hiccuping.


  • Don't shake the baby or let its head be located lower than its body. That may result in vomiting.
  • Don't pat your baby too intensively.
  • Don't forget to put the towel on your shoulder or knees.



The babies which are fed naturally face the problem of gas way less often. It is easier to control the speed of sucking and the volume of the breast milk the baby gets in the case you breastfeed. When you breastfeed the baby eats more often and gets lesser amounts of milk each time. The breastfeeding presupposes holding the baby in almost vertical position which prevents it from swallowing the air.

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