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How to Build a Pond


There are a lot of ways that can be used for making a water body. Some of them are quite complicated and require the significant financial investing while the other ones are relatively simple and don't presuppose spending a lot of money. It is important to choose the optimal method of building a water body taking into consideration the purpose of the pond.

In the case you are going to breed fish in your pond you need to choose the place for it quite carefully as in that case at least some part of its bottom should be lit by the sun beams. Besides that you need to make sure that the water in your pond will always stay clean.


Choose the place for your future pond

Take into consideration that at least 1/5 of the pond should be lit by the sun. The matter is that a pond is a covert eco-system. If you suppose that the water of the pond is just the water you are mistaken. The water is the environment for thousands of microorganisms that maintain existing of a water body. They are both plants and primitive animals. These organisms need the sun light to support their vital processes. In the case the water surface would always stay in shade these organisms couldn't propagate and finally die out.

Besides the sun light the pond needs to get the fresh water regularly. It is necessary to build the pond in the area where there are at least a couple of the natural springs. In that way you will be sure that the fresh water is constantly filling the pond.

Define the depth of the pond

The average depth of the small pond may be just 5ft. If you wish to make a pond only for decorating your garden this depth will be quite enough. In the case you are planning to breed fish you will need a deeper water body. Besides that take into consideration that the water won't be warmed by the sun evenly if your pond is deeper than 5 ft. If you wish to breed fish or grow water flowers you need to leave the shallow parts which are no deeper than 2 ft.

Frame materials

Nobody just digs that cavity and fills it with water to make a pond. To make any artificial water body you need to use the framing. The easiest way is to use the ready made plastic forms for ponds. They look like the big dark basins. The main disadvantage of these forms is their short exploiting period.

There are the other ways of building the pond frame. The walls and the bottom of the pond may be made of concrete mixed with sand and small stones.

Small decorative pond.

You'll Need:


bright rope;

wooden pegs;

river sand;

polyethylene film;

some bricks;

decorative stones


  • It is recommended to start building your pond in spring. The warm and sunny weather will help you to cope with the task faster. The whole process of building a pond will include the following steps.
  • Mark the edges of the pond. If you are planning to use some irregular shapes you need to mark the extreme points as well. Use the bright rope and the small pegs.
  • Dig the pond but leave some free space of the edges for the water plants. That should look like a step made of ground.
  • Smooth out the bottom and cover it with the river sand. Lay the polyethylene film onto the sand. Press the edges of the film with the heavy bricks.
  • Fill the pond with water.
  • Hide the film with some decorative stones and plants.


  • Don't just fill the cavity in the ground with water to make the pond. The water will be soaked by the soil and won't stay in the cavity. Use the frames.
  • Don't forget to clean your pond from time to time. That will not only improve its look but also extend its life as well.
  • Don't neglect repairing the frame of your pond. It is recommended to do that in late autumn when you may remove the old water before winter.



In the case you are going to build a pond for fish breeding you need to make the large deep tubes reminding wells in the bottom of the water body. That will help the fish to live the cold winter through. Remember that the smaller your pond is the more often you need to clean it. The small decorative ponds should be cleaned twice a year while the large ones need only one cleaning in several years.

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