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How to Breastfeed


The possibility to breastfeed without any problems is a real gift from the nature. Of course each young mother faces various problems connected with breast feeding but these problems differ a lot. Some women bother their head with the single question concerning choosing the right brassiere. Another ones fight for every single drop of breast milk every day.

During the first five day after the birth your baby will be full only with your foremilk. The kindneys of the newborn baby are able to process only these 2 or 5 ml of the first milk. But it will be quite useful for your health and the health of your baby.

The baby will get the necessary proteins for his immune system They are called immunoglobulin molecules.

The instant session of breast feeding right after you give the birth to your baby will stimulate the cervix contractions and provide the effective placenta removal. That will launch the mechanisms of the normal natural lactation and improves the psychological contact with your baby.


  • Put the baby on the inner side of your elbow.
  • Lift him up gently so that his face will be on the same level with your nipple.
  • "Tickle" the lips and the cheeks of the baby with your nipple.
  • Flatten you breast next to the areola.
  • Insert your nipple ant the part of the areola into the baby's mouth.
  • Hold you breast during feeding so it wouldn't cover the nostrils of the baby.
  • You will see when the baby is full. Your baby will lean away from your nipple and probably fall asleep.
  • This is the basic algorithm of your actions. You may modify these steps as you wish to provide the maximum comfort for you and your baby.
  • Try various poses to find the one that suits you best. As your baby grows you may introduce some new poses that will make the process of breastfeeding more comfortable and interesting for the baby.
  • Remember that the process of lactation is controlled by your brain but not your breast. Try to feed the baby in a relaxed and calm atmosphere. Get the maximum positive emotions from this mutually pleasant process. In that way your baby won't get nervous and feel secure.
  • Use the special nipple care creams after the breastfeeding sessions to avoid cracks and irritation.


  • Don't allow yourself to think in the negative key of your breasts. During the period of breast feeding they will get even more attractive. If you will look in the mirror with positive attitude you will get the positive impulse to feed your baby.
  • Don't worry if your nipples are too small or sunken in your areolas. In that case you probably will need some more practice to insert your nipples into the mouth of your baby. This process is usually reflectory and the baby will learn how to cope with that situation on a hunch.
  • Don't carry out breastfeeding if you are diagnosed with such illnesses as syphilis, AIDS or hepatitis. The mere bad cold isn't the reason to stop breast feeding. Wear the mask and continue feeding your baby as usual.
  • Don't squeeze or pinch your breasts. The excessive pressure will encourage the development of such illnesses as breast inflammation or the syndrome of broken breasts as well. So it is quite important to choose the right brassiere.
  • Don't leave your breasts full for a long time. Rack the excessive amounts of milk off.



Don't worry that you may do something wrong. Breastfeeding is a natural process and you will learn to do it properly after some practicing. Enjoy the happy moments together with you baby. Nature has created women in such a way that you'll easily figure out how to do that.

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