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How to Bread Chicken


Do you fry, grill and roast your chicken but it still isn't crispy enough for you? Bread it! Indeed, this is an ultimate way of cooking super crispy wings, thighs and drumsticks. If you don't know how to bread chicken and have never tried that before, it's high time to learn the trick.

First of all, make up your mind with chicken parts that you are going to use. This technique will do the trick with any part of the chicken, but your choice depends on your personal preference. For example, some people love a fair chicken-bread ratio and opt for sliced chicken breasts while others love big pieces of meat with just a nice crust. So, make your choice and let's get started.


Prepare the chicken

The best idea is to use freshly bought chicken, but if your pieces were in the freezer, you want to defrost them for several hours at room temperature. You can defrost it in the freezer overnight. This is very important to keep the taste and texture.

Make a breadcrumb mix

You can buy it at any grocery store. The quantity depends on the amount of chicken you want to bread.

Prepare a dipping mix

Take 2 eggs and whisk them with 1 tbsp warm milk or clean water. Pour some flour on a separate clean and dry plate and use another plate for breadcrumbs. Thus, you'll have 3 separate plates, i.e. 3 stages that your chicken has to come through before it goes to the frying pan. Don't forget to season each one because you want every single layer of your chicken to be nice and spicy.

Add some extra ingredients

Go for cheese, herbs or some seasoning, and remember that you should add them directly in the crumbs. There's no need to add them to your chicken or to the frying pan because everything you need will be in the crumbs. Even if you don't feel like adding anything extraordinary, don't forget to add some salt and pepper anyway.

Bread the chicken

  • Take the first piece of your chicken. Dip it into the flour, flip it a couple of time and pat it with your hand to make sure it's coated thoroughly. Flour dries the surface of your chicken and prepares it for the second step.
  • Shake the piece of chicken to remove the excess flour and dip it into the bowl with eggs and milk. Turn it over a couple of times and let the excess flow down back into the bowl.
  • After that, put it into the plate with breadcrumbs and use your dry hand to cover your chicken with crumbs on top. Slightly pat it to let the crumbs stick to the layer of egg. Flip several times for a nice and even coating.
  • Put the pieces in the fridge for 30 minutes. That's an optional point and you can skip it if you are short of time, but this is a good thing to do to make sure the coating won't fall off.
  • Now, preheat your oven and grease it with vegetable oil. Fry at Medium High until it's golden brown on both sides. You can put the pieces on a paper towel after that to absorb the excess grease.


  • Don't defrost your chicken in hot or cold water! It will make the pieces firm and dry.
  • Don't freeze the chicken twice. It will become flabby and tasteless.
  • Don't add too much salt. Remember that each layer is seasoned, so you don't want to add too much salt to each ingredient.
  • Don't fry it on too hot pan. In this case, the pieces will be raw on the inside and burned on the outside.



Breading is doubtlessly the best way to make your chicken crispy and golden brown. You can put it in the fridge to have some quick meal for the future. Besides, you can bake it in the oven and get a healthier variant. All in all, feel free to experiment.

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