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How to Block Facebook


There is a plenty of reasons to block a site, for instance: if you are an employer who doesn't like that their workers visit Facebook at work, or a parent who doesn't want their child to spend too much time browsing questionable sites. You can block harmful sites, porn sites or any sites content of which you find inappropriate. Once you block a site, you won't be able to access it from your PC. There is no reason to be worried though - you can unblock it just as easily. No matter what Windows Operating System you are using, steps are the same.



Go to disc C

First of all you have to go to your Disc C. To do that, just double click on My Computer icon on your desk top (for Windows XP) or click on Start and select My Computer from the Start Menu (for Windows 7). Double click on Disc C.


System 32

Choose the "Windows" folder from the list. The "Windows" folder has a lot of files in it, and you need to look for the folder "System 32". In the "System 32" folder look for "drivers" folder, it shouldn't be hard to find as it is in the beginning of the list.


Hosts file

In the "drivers" folder you will see a plenty of files and two folders: "disdn" and "etc". Double click on "etc". In the "etc" folder you will find 5 files: hosts, imhosts.sam, networks, protocol, and services. Right click on "hosts". Choose "Open" from the list that appears. Pick a program you want to open the file with (Notepad). The last two lines are supposed to say: localhost

: : 1 localhost

You will need to skip a line and enter the following test: facebook.com

Here is how the last three lines are supposed to look: localhost

: : 1 localhost facebook.com

After you do that, close the "hosts" file and save changes when prompted. Consider Facebook blocked.



If you want to block another site, add it to the list without skipping any lines: localhost

: : 1 localhost facebook.com yahoo.com youtube.com


Don't worry

Don't get upset if you can't seem to save the changes in your "hosts" file. It may be your antivirus that protects it. See if antivirus window pops up when you try to save the changes. In this case you will have to edit your antivirus settings.

Don't despair

Don't get angry if you still can't block a site via "hosts" file, every antivirus is supposed to have a "parent control" function that can be used for blocking sites, you should give it a try.



We hope tips given above help you resolve your issue and successfully block a site. If Using hosts file is too complicated, try parent control on your Antivirus or download BlockSite extension for your Internet browser (available for Chrome and Firefox).

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