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How to Bleach Hair


Blonds are believed to be very charming and good-looking. But there are a lot of women who are not naturally blond but they have a strong desire to become ones. If you want to be blond, you don't have to go to a hairstylist to bleach your hair - you can do it at home. What stops most women from bleaching their hair is fear that it may become dry and look bad. But the main thing is - being careful and following instructions. There are a few ways of bleaching hair at home, and we are going to review two of them here.


Bleaching hair with hydrogen peroxide.

Choose hydrogen peroxide

You should bleach your hair only 3 - 4 days after you wash it. Before you start bleaching, you don't have to wet your hair - skin grease will protect your scalp and hair from burning. If your hair is thick and strong, you are going to need 8 — 12 % hydrogen peroxide mixture, if your hair is normal - 6 - 12 %, if it is weak or fragile - 3 - 6 %. For hair of average length you are going to need about 50 - 60 gr of the mixture. To make sure you get a good result, you may add 5 - 6 drops of household ammonia. You can also add a little bit of liquid soap or shampoo. You can replace household ammonia with ammonium acid carbonate - it will thicken the mixture which is important for lightening hair.

Prepare the mixture

You have to prepare this mixture right before bleaching, and it is better to make a lot, just to make sure you have enough of it for your hair. There are some other ingredients you can use with hydrogen peroxide:

Recipe: 1) 40 gr of hydrogen peroxide; 30 gr of water; 20 gr of liquid soap; 1 tsp. of ammonium acid carbonate; 2) 3 small bottles of 3 % hydrogen peroxide; 5 - 7 drops of household ammonia; a little bit of liquid soap. Apply the mixture to your hair and leave it for half an hour; 3) Bleaching mixture of urea hydrogen peroxide pills: to get a 3 % hydrogen peroxide mixture, get 3 pills for 30 ml of water; 6 pills for 6 % mixture, 9 - for 9 % mixture.

Color your hair

Before you start bleaching your hair, you need to apply oily cream to your forehead and neck along the hairline (to protect your skin). Wear gloves when working with the mixture. Color your hair layer by layer. After you are done - brush your it to allow the air circulation. When you color the roots, you need to be careful and not get the mixture on hair sections that are already colored. For this you may need a thicker mixture.

Bleaching hair with professional products.

Choice of a product

There are many brands out there: L'oreal, Garnier, etc. You can choose dye / bleach of any trust-worthy brand, for example this one. The good thing about professional products is - they come with everything you need: gloves, bottles, manual. Besides, you can be sure that dye texture will be perfectly creamy and won't drip.

Bleaching your hair

It's always better to bleach your hair when it's greasy - grease helps to avoid damaging hair. Read the manual that comes with a coloring kit, put on gloves and prepare the mixture. Brush your hair and prepare to work fast. Color the top layer of your hair, then use a comb to lift it and put on the other side of the head. Use hair clips to fixate it. Color all the layers on one side of your head as fast as you can (because the bleach will start working and the other part of your hair isn't even colored yet). When coloring your hair, use two mirrors to make sure you get the back of the head. Apply bleach to the other section of your hair. Leave the dye on for as long as the manual says. Then wash it off thoroughly, because if some of the bleach stays on, it'll keep affecting your hair.


  • Don't cover your hair - you are going to need to see and control the process of bleaching. Besides, if you cover it, you can simply burn your hair, as the reaction will to speed up.
  • Don't use a metal bowl for hydrogen peroxide, otherwise you can get an undesirable reaction.
  • If you don't get the right color, don't repeat the procedure sooner than in a week.
  • Don't forget to look in the mirror and control the process, wash the mixture off your hair when you get a color you like.
  • Don't bleach your hair if you have skin irritation or dandruff.



Remember that when you bleach your hair, you can easily burn it, which is why you have to be very careful. Hair coloring shouldn't take long, do it fast, because if you are slow some sections of your hair will be lighter than others. We highly DO NOT RECOMMEND to use hydrogen peroxide as it will bring too much damage to your hair. If you don't want to spend money in a salon - you better turn to professional products that you can use at home. You can not only use mass market like L'Oreal or Garnier or products that you can find in regular CVS store, but spend your time to go to a store for professional hair masters. Go for CHI, Osmo, Igora. But we recommend to bleach your hair for the first time (and preferably for all the rest ones) in a salon - trust professionals when it comes to such an important thing as hair bleaching.

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