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How to Believe in God


If the person asks himself the question how to start believing in God that means God is already knocking on his heart. However the person who is searching for God is actually searching for the feeling of the God's presence in his heart. Many people admit that they ave obtained the faith by chance. In the most cases the people start praying with faith even if they weren't taught how to do this before when some disasters happen. During the tornado or the earthquake the people get extremely afraid so that they start appealing to some powers that are supposed to be able to change the situation.

Many people wish to obtain faith. That admit the fact that God exists but they feel that they lack some confidence that their life is fully in the hands of God. In Christianity there exists some allusion between being faithful to one's spouse and being faithful to God. If one can't stay faithful for the person who is close to him or her and who can be met every day how could he remain faithful for God who can't be seen or heard. But this article will help you to make it more clear what the real faith is and how to obtain it.


Ask for the God's help to resist sins

Sometimes it could be difficult to believe in God especially among the evil, hatred, lies, lust and a lot of many other things that make us hesitate that God is still remaining with us. The people kill each other and make each other suffer. But in fact God doesn't want the people to commit the sins and suffer from their dreadful deeds. If you accept the fact that God actually doesn't want it that will be your first step in your faith.

Get ready for feeling pain

Accept the fact that the people are imperfect to put it mildly. Everything that has happened to you due to the evil intentions of the other people isn't the wish of God. Take into consideration that God may just allow the circumstances to hurt you in order to make you better, stronger, kinder and wiser. Compare that with some medical treatment. In some situations the doctors carry out some painful manipulations only to save the patient's life. Think of God lie of the most talented surgeon who carried out some painful operations to save your soul that is in danger.

Creationism or evolution?

In the case you are confused by the proven Darwin theory there is also the good way to think in order to get rid of all the hesitations. First of all think why couldn't God control the process of the development of the body typical of the modern people. He could control the process of evolution and give you the soul.

Find the people who have strong faith

If you suppose that God doesn't exist as the fate is too cruel to you maybe that is just the sign that you are doing something wrong. Try to visit the church. Some people don't feel like attending the public messes or ecclesiastical ceremonies. Of course it may be difficult to feel God in the crowded place for the beginner. You should consider visiting a church between the messes when it is almost empty just to feel the solemn calmness of the God's House. Ask the priest to talk to you about God. Maybe the priest would find some right words that you need to hear.

Remember that even if you are not searching for God He is searching for you.


  • Don't set your feet in the far countries and become a pilgrim at once. The beginners may feel disappointed.
  • Don't compare your life with the one of the other people. God has prepared the unique way for you.
  • Don't show any reaction when the other people will laugh at you.



Every day you will have to face the shower of information. That may seem quite confusing to you. You will have to filter this information to defend your ideas every second. The most important thing that God has given is the possibility of choice. The possibility to make a choice is what makes the difference between people and angels.

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