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How to Become an Ordained Minister


Everyone can become an Ordained Minister (or pastor) if he or she carries God in heart and has an inner imperative to teach people how to become closer to God. Many people want to become ordained to perform their friends' weddings and make this event truly unique and unforgettable. Basically, everyone of us is a priest, so just read the information below and become an Ordained Minister.



Learn what it takes to be a Christian minister

You'll need to have a strong knowledge and understanding of the most important Christian document - the Bible. According to this book, a minister is a person who will not disgrace this title and the church. Long story short, you need to be sure you can cope with this task, take responsibility, and be a role model to follow for the congregation. Obviously, you need to have all the skills that any teacher must have, such as patience and ability to explain the trickiest parts of the Bible.


Get a license

  • To perform all the tasks (doing weddings, prison ministries, hospital ministries, etc), you need to get a license. However, this point isn't obligatory for each state. Thus, you don't need a license if you live in Alabama, Florida, Texas, California, New Mexico, and some other states. It's a good idea to talk to your local clergy and ask for advice and find out whether you need a license.
  • If your state requires a license, go to the seminary to get a proper education and learn your subject through and through. New converts (i.e. people who are new to Christianity and don't have strong Biblical knowledge) are sometimes not allowed to be ministers, so that's what you want to do first.
  • If you can't spend several years in seminary, you can skip this step and look for some legitimate service or organization that issues valid licenses.

Apply for ordination

Ask the chosen organization about their requirements and mail them the necessary documents. After that, just wait for your official ordination paperwork. Meanwhile, learn how to perform ceremonies and fulfill different tasks that you are supposed to deal with as a minister.


Don't work with untrustworthy services and organizations

Check their status to make sure their certificates are legitimate. You know the organization isn't reliable if they don't post any contact information on their websites, charge too high fees for their licenses, or ask you to transfer money online without any verification.

Don't forget to carry out a quick research

Some organizations will ask you to pay for ordination; others only issue a license for a short period of time or not allow you to perform weddings. Make sure the ordination you get allows you to do everything you are interested in.



If you've been called and know that God wants you to serve people and help them communicate with Church, you shouldn't hesitate any longer and do what it takes to be an Ordained Minister. Oftentimes, the requirements are misunderstood and overcomplicated. Yes, you need to do some paperwork and get some credentials aside from your passion to serve, but luckily, it's not as difficult as it seems at first sight. Hopefully, this information was useful and helpful.

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