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How to Become a Witch


Is it possible to become a witch in the real life? This question isn't often asked by the most part of women, however there still are some ones that take much interest in this question. If you are attracted by the things connected with witchcraft and magic you need to overcome a lot of difficulties in order to become a real witch.

Today the modern witches have little in common with the classic ones from the scary fairy tales. You would be mistaken if you suppose that a witch looks like a gross old lady with an enormous hairy ward on her nose and white sharp teeth. The modern vixens don't eat babies, make potions of stinky herbs and frogs or fly on the brooms. They look more like Cher, Michelle Pfeiffer and Susan Sarandon from The Witches of Eastwick than Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Midler and Kathy Najimy from Hocus Pocus.



The witches used to have the outstanding appearance during all the times. The women who had something unusual or rare features like bright red hair, emerald-green eyes or light body weight supposed to be guilty in practicing magic.

Today the people are accustomed to express themselves in the most crazy ways. However one still may recognize a witch easily. There are the women who can't be called the real classic beauties but still leave the unforgettable impression and are the real magnets not only for the opposite gender.

Are the other people enchanted by your eyes or voice? Congratulations, you have the ability of a witch.


The initiation ritual is rather simple. You need to refuse from the things that could prevent you from being able to use your magic powers. The easiest way to claim yourself a witch is to read backwards the main Christian prayer “Pater Noster”. After that you may acquire another name that will reflect your witch nature. Choose the unusual name with some hidden meaning like Mina, Luna, Nemesis or Morgana. The right name will bring you success.

Practice magic

Define which type of magic would you like to pick up for practicing. Choose the one that suits you the best. If you are emotional person full of empathy try hypnotic magic. In the case you are active and playful person consider practicing element magic. Learn the basic spells. If you have a quiet, calm and thoughtful personality consider studying some ancient magic foliants and searching for the old spells.

Follow the rules

As any other aspect of life? magic presupposes some unbreakable rules. You need to stick to them in order not to get punished. First of all the fact that you practice magic should be kept in secret. If you plan to practice magic for money you need to have the natural talent for that. Besides that you need to be totally sure in your success. That is more than 80% of all your business. Moreover cease all the contacts with the people who are energy vampires. You will need your own energy for practicing spells effectively.


  • Don't forget that you will have to pay for your gift. Be ready to get parted with something you value in order to become a real witch.
  • Don't tell anybody about your craft.
  • Don't mix various types of magic. You can't practice mental magic and element one at one and the same time.



Take into consideration that there are no black or white magic. Any magic is a sin. You need to consider all the pros and cons carefully before you become a witch. Even if you are not going to do any harm you will have to pay for your decision.

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