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How to Become a Vegetarian


Being a vegetarian is not just the matter of eating one products and avoiding the other ones. Vegetarians are the people whose main life principle is the absence of violence. They are not the ones who just don't touch meat but they are the ones who feel compassion to the animals that are killed for the sake of the humankind.

Finally this moment has come. You have decided that you will never eat meat since now. Either ethic ideas or considering the principle of healthy lifestyle might have influenced your final decision. But to decide is easier than stick to the chosen path anyway. Here is the list of useful tips that will help you to follow the vegetarian diet easier. So to become a true vegetarian you will need to:


Define your motivation

If you have decided to become a vegetarian just for fur or just because you want to be cool you are likely to give it up soon. Being a vegetarian implies that you will face the necessity to change a lot in your life routine. If you will make it clear for yourself what goals you are determined to achieve you would face far less difficulties on your way.

Get as much necessary information as possible

Before you change your life for 180 degrees you are recommended to raise your awareness level. Find a good book on this topic. It is better to ask your friends who have been vegetarians for a long time already to recommend you an informative and captivating book. And of course add some tabs with the websites of vegetarians to your browser. Watch the updatings to keep yourself in pace.

Collect vegetarian recipes

Of course you may buy a huge books of vegetarian recipes but try to look some dishes up on the Internet. The great number of recipes are published by vegetarian enthusiast every day. More over you may browse some bloggers' communities to search for some interesting information. But the main thing here is not to to sink in the endless flow of information.

Try one new recipe each week

Try to make one or maximum two new dishes each week. In that way you will have enough time to try the new taste, remember it and finally decide if you like it or not. In that way you will gradually compose your personal cookery book based on your individual preferences. In fact the most part of the vegetarians use no more than 10 recipes regularly. That means as soon as you will collect approximately 10 recipes you may switch to the vegetarian diet without any troubles.

Use the substitutes

You may take your favorite recipes and replace all the meat ingredients for their analogues, for example soy meat. But try not to alter the cooking technology. It is likely that you will be surprised when you find out you can still eat your favorite dishes without consuming any meat.

Proceed step by step

Many people find it easier to become a vegetarian gradually refusing from one sort of meat firstly. It is recommended to stop consuming the red meat at first as it is supposed to be the least healthy one. The next step will be the refusal to eat pork and two more weeks later you may cease consuming chicken and fish. You may extend the period of getting accustomed to meat free diet if you wish.

Try national food of various countries

One of the most positive aspects of being vegetarian is the fact that you will have to try various cuisines. For example a lot of vegetarian dishes one may find in the Indian, Thai, Chinese, Ethiopian and Mexican cuisines.


Don't switch to fast food diet

You may keep to a vegetarian diet which is far from being called healthy. The fact that you don't eat meat doesn't mean you are allowed to stuff yourself with French fries and sugary desserts.

Don't be upset if you have eaten a piece of meat

Any vegetarian experiences meat food cravings from time to time.



Try to eat various products to provide the whole set of nutrients for your organism. If your diet will include whole grains, beans, soy, nuts and vegetables you will get enough protein for sure. The perfect way of becoming a vegetarian of course is after you consult with nutritionist.

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