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How to Become a Taoist


Taoism is the ancient Chinese teaching which is usually perceived as the religion by the most pert of the people all over the world. In the center of this philosophy is the teaching of the Great Tao, which is believed to be the Law of the Universe and the Absolute Truth. Tao is the source of the Universe, it gives the birth to everything that consists of the matter and possesses any type of shape. Moreover Tao gives the birth to the things that are located beyond the material world. That are the feelings and the abstract concepts as love, friendship or fears. Tao is always present everywhere. Nobody has created Tao. It can't be perceived anyhow and can't be overwhelmed by the human mind. Everybody and everything in the world is believed to follow the way of Tao.

Unlike the most part of the religions existing today Taoism doesn't presuppose the way of exploring oneself. Taoists don't search for any philosophic roots and reasons. Taoism is just the practice of life that provides reaching the enlightenment in the process of following the way of Tao.


Basic aspects

The way of tao presupposes practicing of the complicated methods of the special training which includes the development of the both physical and psychological aspects of the human health. In general that practices remind some yoga practices. It includes the two sides: developing of the organism and developing of the spirit. The main thing in Taoism is supposed obtaining the total serenity. The basic obstacles are the thoughts, emotions and wishes that can't be controlled. That is why the beginning Taoist should start with cleaning his mind from all the unnecessary things.

Clear your mind

The practice of clearing one's mind in Taoism has some things in common with the practice of penance in Christianity and meditation in Yoga. The things that would prevent you from following tao effectively may be removed by solitude. The three most popular practices are sitting in the dark room, sitting in the empty room and sitting with your feet crossed up to several days long.

Prior life

After you have cleaned your astral and mental bodies you may experience the whole succession of the bright dreams. That is supposed to be the process of rewinding your life. All these images you see are the memories about your prior life. The serenity reaches its highest point. In that serenity the special king of moving appears. That will give you the impulse to launch the process of controlled purifying.

Develop your body

Along with the spiritual practices you will have to develop the physical body. In Taoism the static and dynamic physical exercises can be used. The spirit needs the healthy body to live in.


  • Don't suppose that you have joined the group of Taoists. The matter is that the way of Tao presupposes that the people should follow it on their own.
  • Don't set any goals for you. Tao is the way without any purpose.
  • Don't neglect the practices that teach you to overcome the difficulties. Though the most important thing is to reach the serenity you should reach it through pain as well.



The ancient Taoists used to practice the special practices that may seem to be quite useless and cruel for the strangers. They asked the other people to hang them on the trees and bury them in the ground. That practices were to develop the ability to control the body and reach the total concentration.

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