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How to Become a Rapper


Today, becoming a rapper and releasing your songs is much easier than it was decades ago. In the very beginning, it was really hard for a rapper to get the word out and be heard by people. They released commercial albums and their fans paid money for listening to their tracks. Today, things have changed beyond recognition. It's no longer a problem to showcase your musical product in front of thousands of eyeballs. Of course, there is a long way from mere being noticed to making people want to pay for your stuff, and that's what we are going to explore in this article.



First of all, you need to prove yourself as a rapper. Feel free to start with mixtapes. Mixtape is a compilation of hip hop music that you want to give people for free for promotional reasons. Of course, you can't record a full-fledged album that way. As a rule, mixtape is a recording of a poor quality where the musicians are rapping over the beat of instrumentals. Basically, that's enough to give the audience the idea of what kind of musician you are. Basically, some artists became famous only through the mixtapes without releasing a single official album.

Find a local studio that records the songs

Pay them for recording high quality tracks and keep spreading them all over the Internet and offline. If you use high quality software, you can do it yourself without paying anyone.

Go where people are looking for music

Ages ago, you would go to the clubs, but today all you need to do is go online. Start with the pages on Facebook and Twitter and post your songs and news there (particularly, how you are making music, how you chill with your friends, etc). You can also launch your own YouTube channel and post your new songs there every once in a while. Creating your own website or blog is also a great idea (go to http://blogger.com or http://wordpress.com for free templates). It may be quite time consuming but hey, Justin Bieber did that, why can't you? Social media marketing is a powerful tool if you know how to use it.

Tips for rapping


Learn how to rap

Of course, this advice will work only for those who have already found the style and have something to showcase. If you are a newbie, take a trouble to learn how to rap… Easier said than done, right? Nonetheless, there is no one-fits-all technique. Nonetheless, there are 3 basic steps you want to take in order to start rapping:


Find your style

There are so many hip hop artists out there and it's almost impossible to create something new, but you want to be unique and original to stand out from the crowd and get your audience. Listen to other artists, play with the styles, and find something that is really close to you. Rap is honest music, so do rap about what you know through and through.


Learn how to freestyle

Indeed, this is the first thing they will ask you to do to test whether you are a real new talent or a fake. Read books, increase your vocabulary, practice at home and with your fella-MCs and be ready to rap straight from the top of your dome.


Write the songs

Try to make the music and the lyrics as fancy and memorable as possible, and let people hear it. Learn how to use software to make beats, find a team of musicians to help you with composing the songs (beatboxers, instrumentalists, featuring)


  • Don't copy other musicians. Music fans feel the fake just like dogs, and they are not interested in cheaters.
  • Don't neglect the local scene. Keep a track of what's going on and what the other rappers do. Collaborate with them to get on top.
  • Don't neglect your social media. The more you post the more people can see you and spread the information.



Once you have the material to work with, feel free to skip to the steps described above. Luckily, modern media allows people spread the word lightning fast and become recognizable in no time without looking for sponsorship.

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