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How to Become a Nutritionist


Nutritionist is a great career choice these days. Indeed, people show the increasing interest to their nutrition habits. After years of fast food cult and disregard to the quality of products they eat, they want to improve their nutrition habits and eat healthy. Needless to say, developing a proper nutrition plan is like navigating a dark forest without a flashlight. That's why many of these folks decide to trust it to professionals and hire nutritionists. If you want to take your place in this highly perspective and well-paid niche, you should become a nutritionist.

Basically, there is a difference between a nutritionist and a dietitian. You don't have to be really qualified and certified to call yourself a nutritionist. There are a lot of courses and webinars that you can opt for and introduce yourself as a nutritionist. But if you want to get the best out of your career, you should go for further education. Dietitians run food service systems for various institutions, but you have to be licensed to work in public services.


Get a degree

If you want to make a career in holistic health and nutrition, you should be ready to invest a lot of time and money. You're going to need at least a Bachelor's degree in food and nutrition or a related area and supervised training through an internship or as a part of your coursework.

Get a license

Needless to say, you are supposed to be a licensed specialist to work as a nutritionist. No wonder: you work with food and people's health depends on your qualification. Some states will allow you to work with state registration or qualification only, but you have to check your local laws to learn more about the requirements.

Complete your education

As a student, you are supposed to study chemistry, biology, microbiology, institution management, and psychology. Once you have finished your education, got a Bachelor's degree and took the training, you are required to pass the American Dietetic Association (ADA) test.

Get a job

A young specialist without a proper experience doesn't have really good chances for employment in the very beginning, so you can start small and work as an assistant in some organization. Many young people browse online services and find a job there. If you are a registered dietitian, you can also consider a job in a local hospital. You can work as an entry level dietitian and get experience and useful connections. You can work in general medicine or cardiology floor, and also consult the patients about weight loss.

Alongside with other popular head hunting websites, you can visit http://www.nutritionjobs.com/ . This online service offers lots of various positions, including the jobs for inexperienced people. You can browse the web to find the alternatives to this website and check them every day.


  • If you are looking for your first job as a nutritionist, don't check the websites once a week. Do it every day because they post new jobs daily and the hottest vacancies are closed pretty fast.
  • Don't opt for this job if you have eating disorders. You should have healthy associations about nutrition to give people quality advice.
  • Don't forget that all people are created different and need individual approaches. So, don't treat all alike.
  • Never stop learning things. This is a fast-evolving industry with dozens of new methods appearing every year. Attend seminars and courses and always look for new tools to add in your toolbox.



As a nutrition consultant, you can help others learn the importance of healthy food and improve their lives, so this is a great career choice for you. Consider the information from the article to prepare yourself for the future education and training.

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