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How to Become a Nurse


Nurse is probably one of the noblest jobs in the world. Nurse is a person who looks after people and helps them overcome their illnesses. As any medical profession, nursing requires a lot of professional training. Nonetheless, before you read the tips and guidelines, you should make sure that you can handle it. The point is this is a pretty tough job. It may seem like a nurse does nothing but makes shots and bandages, wears pretty white suit and smiles, but in fact, it's a hard work that involves a lot of emotional engagement.

There are several levels of nursing, so the first step for you to take is making up your mind on what level is preferable for you.




Licensed vocational nurse (LVN) is a registered nurse. LVC is a technical program. It usually takes 12-18 months to get the license through studying in special private schools. After graduation, you'll get your certificate that allows you to work as a nurse.


Registered nurse

You don't have to get a Bachelor's degree to become a registered nurse. You can opt for an associate program in nursing at any junior college. This level requires a longer period of learning and takes about 2 years. During the studies, you're going to study general health care and also take practical lessons to train your skills.


BSN (Bachelor Of Science And Nursing)

Usually, people don't go any further than registered nursing.. Having a license of a registered nurse is quite enough to get a good job. Nonetheless, if you want to go further with your career, you're supposed to have a Bachelor's degree. It means that you should go to college or university and study for 4 years. This sounds more like a successful medical career. Thus, you can opt for nurse management or get a really good and well-paid job. For example, no hospital would hire a LVN for surgical nursing, and that's pretty possible if you have your Bachelor's degree behind you.


Nurse practitioner

Nurse practitioner or advance practice nurse is the highest nursing level which includes nurse anesthetists, and certified nurse midwives. This level requires a Master's degree in addition to all the previous educational options. These nurses are skilled professionals that can work in various fields of medicine. Of course, these nurses can't work without doctor's supervision, but they are allowed to work with patients individually. They are allowed to make diagnoses, prescribe medicine.


Don't stop learning

Basically, even the lowest level of nursing allows you to make good money, but you should be developing your skills all the time.

Refuse to this idea if you aren't emotionally stable

You'll have to see a lot of pain and suffering, and that's not a job for everyone.

Be calm when you see blood

Don't opt for this profession if you are too sensitive and can't stand blood. You'll have to deal with it… a lot!

Steel nerves

Don't become a nurse if you are unable to stay calm and loyal regardless of the situation. You see, disease toughens people and makes them irritated and rude. If you are sure you can deal with it, you're free to start!



All in all, this is a very interesting job with lots of great career opportunities. This is one of those noble professions that artists praise in their creative work, and besides it gives you some skills that you can utilize in your everyday life. All in all, it's definitely worth trying. Check your local colleges and schools for special programs and start helping people!

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