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How to Become a Navy Seal


The United States navy SEAL is the abbreviation fro the words "sea", "air" and "land". That is the part of the U.S. Special Operation Command aimed to fulfill the most complicated military operations as well as saving the people in some disasters.

Today the U.S. Navy SEALS are the elite military organization that uses the most modern equipment an the secret technologies that allow the soldiers to stay almost invulnerable. The abilities of the average Navy Seal are equal to the soldier of Delta.


Prepare yourself for overcoming difficulties

So how to become a Navy seal? Take into consideration that you will face the unbearable conditions and extremely complicated exams. The Navy seals are not the plain soldiers. That should possess not only the outstanding physical power but also have the strong analytical mind.

Who can become a Navy Seal?

The volunteers should be the male citizens of the USA no younger than 18 and no older than 28 years old. Of course all the candidates should have the perfect physical condition and the strong mental health. The matter is that the Navy seals have to stay in some closed space for the long time or stay deep under the water where no single sun beam comes. That is the serious exam for the psychics. The soldiers often have to carry out the training task staying in the marsh mud alone without the help of their peers.

Medical examination

The first thing is the medical exam. If the doctors that present the medical commission haven't found any disorders in your health you may proceed the testing. The medical commission consists of the experiences doctors and includes the clinical psychologists and psychiatrists as well. They will offer you to undergo the whole row of various tests. The people who have successfully undergone that procedure find themselves in the special training centers. And that is when the most interesting and difficult part starts.

The first year of training

At first the cadets are being prepared for the physical strains they will face the next year. They undergo the weekly course of the general physical training and learn the secret methods of swimming. They train their breathing and stamina. Even if the cadet is the champion in swimming in his state he will be taught again. The swimming pool imitates the conditions of the heavy storm. The water is cold as the Navy seals have to swim in any conditions. Even in the case the water is turning into eyes in front or your eyes, the legs and arms are tightly tied with the knots and some heavy weight is attached to your feet you will have to swim.

The hardest part

After that the 9 weeks of the intensive training start. The cadets call them "the hell weeks". The physical strains become really impossible to bear. More than 50 % of cadets make the decision to quit the Nave SEAL training center at this step. By the way only 10 % of the cadets sign the contract all in all. The most difficult week presupposes that a cadet can sleep only 4 hours per day but either standing or sitting in the mud. The physical strain reaches its limit. Each group is lead by the three instructors. Each of them has the medical certificate. Up to the end if this week the trainings become really sadistic. In that conditions the cadets should resist not only the sea but what is more important their own pain and fear.


  • Don't allow yourself to be seduced by the offers of the hot shower, warm bed or a cup of coffee during the hell weeks. That is the psychological test often used to prove that the mind of the cadets is rather strong.
  • Don't try to undergo the medical tests if you have some diseases. That is useless. You should possess the perfect health.
  • Don't try to become a Navy seal if you are a woman. They accept only the young men.



Only the cadets who have completed this impossible marathon can accept the emblem with the eagle. But still they are not the real Navy seals yet. They can only help the experienced soldiers in some military operations. That is how the two years after signing the contract look like. And only after signing the second contract the soldier may suppose himself to be the real Navy seal.

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