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How to Become a Mason


The large amount of people who become interested in masonry finally start investigating the ways to get the desired membership in the local lodge. To join the community of free masons a person should at first show the wish to become a free mason. If you wish to become a mason you should do your best to learn more about the doctrine and ideas of masonry and define for yourself why masonry attracts you that much. That is quite personal that's why during the ceremony of initiating each prospective member is asked this question.


Find the lodge

To become a free mason you need to find the lodge you want to join. Today the most part of the free mason lodges publish their contacts in the open sources. All the people who are interested in masonry may also apply for the Great Lodge to find out what local lodges provide the possibility to become their members. Finally you may carry out your own research to find the most attractive mason communities for you. Though there are a lot of lodges which welcome the people of all categories some lodges were founded for the people of some specific occupations only.

Talk to the leader of the lodge

When you have decided definitely that you wish to become a free mason you may contact the lodge you have chosen of visit its website. The most part of the lodges demands that the prospective members should have the skills of writing and speaking the official language in order to attract the new members in the defined area. Besides that the leaders of many lodges may ask the prospective members some questions and the last should be able to give the positive answer without lying. Here are the examples of such questions asked by the British lodge of free masons.

  • Are you able to declare honestly and sincerely that you wish to propose your candidature without any malicious reasons?
  • Do you really believe in the existence of the Higher Creature?
  • Are you able to state that you wish to become a free mason only because you want to know the truth and are guided by the noble motivation?

The New York lodge of free masons usually asks the similar questions. The most part of the questions concerns the reasons of the candidate's wish to join the lodge, the matter of some hidden influence or malicious purposes and the earlier attempts to become a free mason.

Find out about additional requirements

Take into consideration the fact that some lodges have some additional requirements which a mason should meet. For example in some lodges each new member should either become a good financial sponsor or provide the advertising support. Some lodges insist on the newly accepted members to pay the entry fees or work as a volunteer.

Candidates should be of age

Generally the basic requirements for a candidate according to the initiation ritual are the following. The candidate should be no younger than 21 years old. The only exception are the children of masons as they are allowed to join the lodge as soon as they turn 18.


  • Don't try to apply for the membership in the case you are under 21. only the people of age are allowed to join the free masons.
  • Don't treat becoming a mason as jut having fun. You need to take it serious.
  • The most part of the lodges don't accept women. That may supposed to be a survival of times past but that fact still remains as it is.



Those who wish to become the part of masonry should decide for themselves the reason why they are eager to become free masons and analyze the hidden factors that encourage you to make this decision.

To become a free mason you need to be open for the new knowledge and accept the idea of the supreme mind controlling the humankind.

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