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How to Become a Foster Parent


If you have made a decision to adopt a child – you did the right thing. Every child needs a parent to turn to for help, or ask a question without feeling embarrassed or just hug someone and feel loved. But to become a foster parent you need to complete quite a few steps which is not going to be easy but is worth it. Here we offer you some general rules, to learn more you can visit this page.



Pre-service training

When you apply or right before you apply, you need to complete pre-service training. You may think you know how to raise a child, but children growing up without parents are different: they have been through an awful lot and need special approach. Pre-service training will help you learn how to communicate with such children.



To apply you need to prepare following documents: letters of reference from your boss and people who know you; your income and expenses (you don’t have to be rich); your criminal record check at different levels; you need to be of a certain age (requirements vary from state to state).


Home study

Here are things you need to pay attention to if you are willing to become a foster parent: your family background, references, your education and job, your relationship with others (not only relatives), your routine (including how much spare time you have), your experience with children (not teaching), your apartment / house and neighborhood, how serious you are about adoption, how ready you are, and other similar things.


What to be ready for

Be ready for additional expenses, home visits and constant questions. Patience is essential when it comes to adoption. Remember that you and your partner are not the only ones who are going to be interviewed. Words of children who live with you or nearby matter.


Waiting period

After you apply you have to wait to get approved. While you wait, stay in touch with your caseworker, and view a copy of your home study just to know the results. Search for children while you wait.



You are going to be matched with a child. Matching is a complicated process that you need to discuss with your caseworker who is going to be with you through all this. Stay in touch with him/her and keep searching kids.


Adoptive placement

You need to remember all you learned during pre-service training, as this is when you will need that knowledge. You will schedule visits to get acquainted with your child. You need to prepare to welcome a child into your home and make it comfortable for him/her.


Legalized adoption

Child is going to live with you and wait legalization. Your caseworker is going to visit you every once in a while to make sure everything is fine. Keep in mind that all that information goes into court. The period between placement and legalization may be 3 – 9 months.


  • Don't try to become a foster parent unless you are absolutely sure this is what you want to do. There are other ways to help these children and make them happier - being a foster parent is a very responsible job.
  • Don't be impatient. Patience is your everything when it comes to adoption, you have to show an immense power of consideration and will.



Being a parent is an unbelievable experience: not only do you fill your life with sense, you make a child happy. The procedure of becoming a foster parent is quite simple, although it does take a lot of time. Child is not a toy that you can return back, so once you have taken this decision - there is no way back in it and you will have to bear your responsibilities.

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