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How to Become a Flight Attendant


Flight attendant is one of the most romantic and desired jobs for young women. When we fly on a plane we only the the outer part of this job - nice, neat and well-dressed women keep an eye on all the passengers and are ready to help them at any situation. Although some people might think that this is not actually a hard work, you just fly back and forth and do nothing, it's still a job. And to become a flight attendant and get a job of your dream you should also correspond to a list of certain standards and rules, have .



Compare working conditions that various airline companies offer

First of all you need to decide whether you want to work for a particular airline company or you want to become a flight attendant in generally. Of course it is better not to narrow the process of job seeking up to one company, always try to look for various airlines since they can offer to you absolutely various terms and you never know which ones will be better and more comfortable for you.


Schools or courses

Although sometimes in the movies they show us schools, colleges or short-term courses of flight attendants, today it doesn't really make sense. Each and every airline company has its own policies, rules and specific features so all the companies have their own flight attendants preparing courses.

So, we've decided that you should consider at least several airline companies as potential employers and you don't need to worry about special trainings or preparation. What you should do next is t create your CV.


Creating a CV

When it comes to making a CV, it's better to have an online CV at job-seeking websites so potential employers could see your resume and a resume saved as a doc file so you can send it out to those companies where you would like to work. Note: both these types of CV should have a photo attached!

In a resume please provide your age, education, knowledge of other languages, working experience, personal characteristics.


Success at the interview

In 2010 one popular and well-known airline company had 1000 openings for a flight attendant position and the had received over 100000 of CV from the potential employees. So if you were lucky enough to receive an invitation to a job interview, you can consider yourself to be very lucky.

First of all, for you? interview dress in a very official way (dark colors are in preference) and look nice, clean, neat. Make sure you have manicure and you hair perfectly done.

During the interview try to show that you are not afraid to travel and be apart from your friends and family. Be very polite and friendly. Don't be shy when you talk, flight attendants shouldn't be shy when faced to a group of people. There is also one hint - during an interview act like you already have this job, think of yourself as if you're already on a plane and you're a flight attendant.

General requirements to a flight attendant position:

Personal characteristics:

  • you should be able to take directions;
  • you should understand you are a team member so you need to cooperate with other its members;
  • you should have positive and friendly attitude and be able to control your emotions;
  • knowledge of a second language it's always a big plus;
  • you should have a higher education;
  • ability to deal with stressful situations and aggressive people.

Appearance preferences

Although it might sound a bit harsh but there is an appearance criteria of how a flight attendant should look. First of all, we all know that the rows between the seats are rather narrow, so if you wear close of a size more than M, you don't have any chance to become a flight attendant.

In addition to a size of a body, there is also a demand that concerns the height of potential flight attendants, their height should be between 5'3 in. (160cm) and 6'1 in. (185cm).

Also keep in mind, that flight attendants should also be good-looking and their body measures should be proportional to each other.

There is also one requirement connected with the age: flight attendants should be between 21 and 30 years old.


Don't apply for this job if you are physically weak

It requires a lot of physical energy.

Don't apply for this position if you are easily stressed out

You need to have high level of fortitude to work as a flight attendant.

Don't be too dreamy about your appearance

Don't apply for this job if your appearance doesn't correspond to the one described before.

Don't lie about yourself

All the exaggerations about you'll come out sooner or later.



Being a flight attendant is a hard work to do, you should understand that you'll sleep in not comfortable positions, you need to be nice and smile even if you are not in the mood, you might face aggressive or rude people. But on the other side, you can also travel around the world, visit various cities and countries, meet new people and learn about new cultures.

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