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How to Become a Firefighter


If you don't want to be a slave in the office and are looking for an exciting, interesting and noble career, firefighting is probably the first thing that crosses the mind in this context. Indeed, it's the most heroic and cool thing one can imagine. So, if you want to save lives and become a local hero, check these tips and learn more about how to become a firefighter.



Go to college

Usually, fire departments don't hire people under 21, so if you have just graduated from high school, you'd better go to college and study some related craft. Obtaining a paramedic's license is a good start. Plus, you can think about EMT basic and EMT paramedic.


Make up your mind about where you want to work

The point is the process of becoming a firefighter is similar for every state but not identical. Each state has its own peculiarities, requirements and regulations, so you should do a little research and check the details that are typical for your location. For the vast majority of states, EMT is a must. So, check what requirements does your specific area has and get the training that they are asking for. Get those prerequisites: if the fire department that you want to work for requires the 4-year degree, you should get a 4 year degree; if it requires a Fire Academy - join a Fire Academy.


Firefighter entrance exam

Many states require a candidate to pass a firefighter entrance exam. There is not a standard test and the tasks may vary, but the truth remains: you can be asked to pass this test, so make sure you paid enough attention to studies.


Candidate Physical Ability Test

It's not a secret that the career of firefighter requires an excellent physical condition. They will probably test your strength and stamina by a Candidate Physical Ability Test.


Get interviewed

After that you're supposed to have an interview in the office. If they like you and have no problems with your background, education and physical condition, they can offer you a job right off the bat. If they do so, they will also ask you to pass a medical test to make sure you are healthy enough to do this job.


  • Don't apply for this job if you need hand-holding all the time. This is the job for courageous and motivated self-starters who can always be 2 steps ahead of the others. Besides, you shouldn't become a firefighter if you can't get alone with people. This is a team job where your life and lives of other people depend on your ability to cooperate.
  • Don't opt for this career if you dream about a regular 8-hour working day. This is a 24/7 job and you never know when they can call you and report on a fire. You should be ready to sacrifice your personal needs.
  • Don't forget to workout. This is a very important part of this job. Indeed, a uniform alone is very heavy; plus, you're supposed to work with heavy hoses and move objects. So, don't forget to attend the gym as often as you can.
  • Don't consider this job if you can't cope stress. Needless to say, this is a dangerous job that requires steel nerves.
  • Don't overlook psychological training. You should be able to render psychological aid.



So, if you feel the urge to help people, work in public safety, and cooperate with a team of excited and inspired people, firefighting is the best career choice for you. People of this profession are important members of society and they are always considered to be heroes and even supermen so it is a very wise choice to become a firefighter.

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