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How to Become a Dietician


People donít eat healthy these days, and thatís a fact. Many of them donít even think about their nutrition plan unless they start having problems caused by improper diet. If you have a passion for healthy eating and want to help people reconsider their eating habits, career of dietitian is probably your vocation. This job requires a lot of devotion and studies but itís also one of the most rewarding careers to be found in this niche. As a dietitian, you are supposed to work with patients with different disorders and prescribe proper diet plans to speed up their recovery.


Get a degree

You should start with getting a Bachelorís degree from accredited college or university. You can go for getting a degree in nutrition or any other science food-related area. The basic course should include anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, etc.

Do an internship

You can either go ahead and continue your education and get your Masterís degree or find an internship. The program can take you from 6 months up to 2 years depending on whether you choose a full time program or a part time program.

Pass the exam

On the completion of your coursework and internship, you are supposed to take the National Exam. This is a standard exam that you should pass successfully in order to become a registered dietitian.

Get a license

You may or may not need it depending on your location, so feel free to check with your local requirements to find that out. However, it is required in many states if you want to start a private practice.

  • Donít confuse the careers of dietitian and nutritionist. You are supposed to come through a lot of training and education in order to become a dietitian, while all you need to become a nutritionist is a business card.
  • Donít get your Bachelorís degree in a nutrition-unrelated field. You can go for additional coursework and get that license after all, but it would take you much longer.
  • Donít consider this career if you are not strong enough in sciences.



American media presents a lot of nutrition information, but apparently people donít use it a lot. If you want to change things for the better and help people be healthier by providing them with proper nutrition schemes, you should become a dietitian.Itís not a secret that the way we eat means a lot when it comes to our health, thatís why this type of careers is so special and important. Hopefully, these tips helped you get an idea of what this job looks like and what training and education you are supposed to consider in order to become a professional dietitian.

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