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How to Become a Ceo


Dreaming of the successful career a lot of people feel if they were facing some invisible obstacle. That feels like pulling them down without letting them to achieve their goals and take the next step. If your counterparts have always run you forward on the career take offs you should probably follow these tips that are quite useful to improve your career and are likely to turn you into a CEO sooner or later. Take into consideration that apart from the persistence and patience the future CEO should possess the natural talent and intuition. If you feel great potential but don't know what to start with you are recommended to proceed reading this article.


Make plans

Devote at least 1 hour per day to thinking the things over. Plan your time and leave some special hour for that. Don't plan your next day and think how to improve your state on the way to work or in the shower. It is necessary to devote 1 hour per day to considering your work and career otherwise you take risks to stay plain executor for the rest of your life. Don't account on happy chance or friendly relationships with the HR manager. That is you who needs to think about improving the things. Analyze your goals, study the opportunities, dream and make plans. Make the list of your ideas. The CEO can't stay on one and the same stage forever. He always sees the future of his company and perspective business growth. You need to learn how to think this way.

Find a rewarding well-paid position

Search for the job that is paid better. Highly paid employee has more chances to succeed. He is likely to be noticed by the leaders sooner which gives him more opportunities. Usually the boss expects more from the employer who is paid more as he has more responsibilities, which means more possibilities to perform successfully and as a result the shorter way to the position of a CEO.

Build the bridges

Make Friday the Day of Meetings. It is necessary to meet the right people and invite them for business lunch. Find out who do you need and let them know you appreciate their assistance. Gain 1 business partner each month. These meetings are quite useful as they broaden your horizons, make you acquainted with various points of view and provide the ocean of the fresh bright ideas. Each of such meetings may improve your career dramatically.

Don't stay in one place

Stick to the rule: 1 significant achievement per year. The leader of the large organization should be open-minded and have a lot of interests. This is the essential feature, if you want to know your goals, stay concentrated on them and have enough discipline. Add one more interesting aspect to your life. In that way you will prepare yourself to become a leader and simply get more pleasure from your life. Study foreign languages, become an expert in some exotic cuisine, write a book or make your own website. Make up the list of the future achievements for the nearest 10 years. Don't forget to reconsider them.


  • Avoid auxiliary functions. The main idea of the CEO career is to work in the field which is directly connected with his business and employ the other people to help him. For example a lawyer in the law institution has the chance to become a CEO but a lawyer employed in a hospital is unlikely to make a great career.
  • Don't neglect your family. Remember that the members of your family are your most devoted allies.
  • Don't work extra hours. Try to manage your time wisely.



Remember that the proper rest and change of the atmosphere are necessary to support your stamina. That will hold you from distress. Your health and stable mental state are the main things necessary to make a success. And remember that it is impossible to become a CEO at 18, take your time, get experience from other people and multiply your knowledge.

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