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How to Be a Yogi


As translated from Sanskrit yoga may be translated as "concentration". Yoga is the practice that is aimed to get closer to the divine Universe and get the state of the full relaxation. The main purpose of yoga is to clear the body and what is much more important the person's mind.

Yogi suppose that the human soul is similar to the water surface. The wind and the branches of the trees that grow nearby may cause the small waves on the surface of the pond or lake. In that case the water surface ceases reflecting the surrounding world perfectly. That is exactly what happens with out thoughts when we lose our serenity disturbed by the thoughts and emotions.

The ancient study of yoga considers the state of the full serenity the best one. The state of anger, sadness or uncontrollable delight prevents us from exploring the endless world inside our souls.

Today there are many types of yoga practices that have one and the same goal but offer various ways to reach enlightenment.


Main principles

To be a yogi you need to accept the basic principles of this ancient teaching. If you will lead your life according to the philosophy of yoga that will help you to reach the desired state. The most part of the people who practice yoga aim to stay fit and get some relaxation after the long working day. However the real yoga can bring you much more. If you wish to become a yogi but not just the one who practices some physical exercises in the gym you should start your long way of search. Yoga is the process of searching the divine in the should of the human being. Many people argue that yogi are too self-confident as they wish to discover God inside themselves. However no one would argue that the people don't know themselves well enough and yoga is able to reveal some hidden powers. One of the main abilities of yogi is to stay indifferent to the outer factors that may destroy the balance.

Avoiding non-natural things

The first stage of yoga presupposes obeying the basic ethic rules and avoiding everything non-natural for the human. The non-natural things presuppose both material and spiritual. It is more or less clear with the material things. That are the objects which are not organic. Using these substances or object we can destroy the balance in the nature. That can really make some sense. Today the problem of pollution is tightly connected with industry and production. But what is known about the spiritual aspects which can be non-natural for the human beings? The main thing is the fact that the negative manifestations of the human psychics are not the pert o the human nature. Anger, sloth, envy are believed to be quite strange for the person's mind. That's why you need to abandon them as well.

Being satisfied

The third stage of yoga is being satisfied with the present state of the thing. The real yogi are grateful to the Universe for each second of their life and each grain of rice they eat.

Physical workout

The next stage is to bring your body in order with practicing the special yoga poses called asanas. Each pose is understood as the symbol similar to a letter. In that way you will communicate with the Universe.


  • Don't consider yoga to be just the type of fitness.
  • Don't neglect listening to the advice of guru.
  • Don't suppose that your body needs a lot. Learn to be satisfied with what you've got.



Yoga is ceasing of any movements in your mind. The stress and emotional tension may cause the chronic state of anxiety and fear that prevents the people from listening to their heart. To reach harmony with the Universe your mind should be clear. Only in that case you will be able to accept the divine messages.

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