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How to Be a Nerd


To understand which people can be called geeks or nerds it is necessary to mention the origin of these words. In the beginning of XX century circus groups often had such performers who were meant to act like clowns but in a gross way. They were called "geeks". The word "geeks" takes its origin from the ancient Scottish word "geck". The task of these specific clowns was to perform weird and disturbing things in order not to make the viewers laugh but make them shocked. For example they used to bite the chicken's heads off just to make a dollar.

As years passed by demolition of chickens became old-fashioned and boring (bats seem more interesting to modern rock fans). The word "geek" has acquired negative diminishing connotation. School kids used to called introvert odd classmates nerds and geeks. If the last were more intelligent than the average children that couldn't be forgiven at all. During the epoch of the first computers children traditionally called nerds and geeks finally got their own niche. Gradually the words "nerd" and "geek" became the synonyms for "computer genius".

In order to become a nerd you need to follow some simple rules and act like the real nerds do.


Read more specialized literature

You need to become a real genius in your niche. Real nerds are rarely brilliant students who know the right answers to all the questions. However you need to be the best in your niche subject. It is preferable to choose some complicated science subject.Dig into textbooks and science journals. You may even give up studying other subjects but you need to be number one in the knowledge sphere you have selected.

Communicate like a nerd

It is possible that nerds would have less problems if they actually could communicate with other people. A classic nerd uses a lot of terms and scientific jargon which prevents average students from understanding him. The less people understand you the better. However you need to understand the things really well otherwise the ones who are cleverer than you will easily understand that you are just using sophisticated terms without understanding what they really mean.

Nerds are classic introverts

Usually nerds are captured by their weird nerdy ideas and don't notice social events. If you are a real nerd you will never feel lonely and bored on your own. True nerds don't need a lot of friends. A couple of other nerds will be a great company for a true nerds.

Look like a nerd

Basically nerds don't care much about their outfit. They may wear one and the same clothes for more than a year. They suppose that clothes and foods are the least important things in their life. They may prefer some definite type of clothes or foods but since they are very conservative they will never betray their preferences. The highest point of being a nerd is choosing food and clothes in accordance with scientific interests. You may try wearing loose white T-shirt since it reminds of a lab robe.


  • Don't even try to explain science in the simple words. That will make you popular.
  • Don't pay attention to girls, parties or fashion. That is for the ones who are popular.
  • Don't hurry to remove your dental braces. That is the jewelry of the privileged.



However today it is extremely difficult to be a true nerd. Nerds can't be trendy but nowadays the image of an awkward young man with a laptop is trendy. The world famous nerds like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates are more popular than rock stars among the young people.

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