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How to Be a Karma Yogi


Karma yoga is one of the branches of ancient yoga teaching. In general karma yoga is teaching of harmony in earthly life. People who practice karma yoga learn to meditate during their habitual daily routine. A karma yogi remain tin the state of meditation during tidying up the house or washing up.

Karma yoga is one of the highest yoga levels as it is quite difficult to perform anything more than relaxing and stay in meditative state at the same time. Only the experienced yogi are able to cope with that task. However you may use practicing of karma yoga meditation in your life to reach the desired balance.


Performing your habitual actions without anticipating their result

The wish to get some result carries the seed of sufferings. In this case we even don't mention the fact that sometimes the result may not appear to be the desired one. The matter is that when you think of the result during the whole process of performing some task, it turns into constant worrying and hesitating as you start bothering your head with question will you succeed or not. That thoughts may distract people who are not acquainted with karma yoga from staying concentrated on the process.

If you don't wait anything from your actions you will not only get any pleasure from any kind of result but also turn the process itself into pleasure. State of experienced karma yogi is similar to the one of a child playing with sand. Children build sand castles doing their best and adding smallest details to make the most beautiful one ever. But when sand castle is ready a child may destroy it without any regret and start building another one as the process is more important than the result.

The whole working day is long meditation

Motivations of an average person usually include only two sides: either praise or punishment. We act to get something desired and avoid unpleasant consequences. But as soon as we start doing something not for the sake of the result but to enjoy the process - that's where karma yoga starts. In that way you may see that your work isn't something like hard labor that provides you money to pay for your house, clothes, food and entertainments but some playground. The work may become your tool of exploring yourself and develop your skills.

Turn everything into karma yoga

There isn't any difference between the actions you perform during the day as any of them may become karma yoga. It is not important what are you doing but the way how you are carrying out your tasks matters greatly. Love everything what you are doing. Try to keep serene meditative state along the day and you will soon realize that everything starts to seem easier to you.

What does result mean

Don't be mislead comprehending notion of result. Result doesn't presuppose only some material or practical profit (like salary or prize). The feeling of being rewarded is also result. The main difficulty is to forget about any type of result.


  • Don't let negative thoughts and motions capture your mind. Firstly try to develop neutral attitude towards actions.
  • Don't cease meditating during work.
  • Don't postpone anything and start practicing karma yoga right now.



Try to keep thinking about the value and importance of the process itself. If even yesterday you were doing things because you wanted to get or avoid something, start performing same things just for the sake of the process today. Accept principles of karma yoga into your life and you will get happier.

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