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How to Be a Good Wife


It not complicated to become a perfect wife. It is likely that you already know how to do the most part of the things and how to act wisely. You have already been taught from your childhood to act the right way. All you need to do is just to stop and remember what you have been taught by your parent.

Being a good wife is not an oppressive duty. It is a pleasure as you will get the emotional reward.


Make the work about the house

Each mother teaches her daughter to cook food and to clean the house. She will fulfill the work about the house quickly and effectively when she grows up. It is likely that to make the house cozy and neat is the first and the main skill of a good wife. To cook the food for the husband and the children, to clean the rooms and make them cozy, to iron the clothes and to make the beds are the basic requirements for the good wife. It is possible that not every woman likes and knows how to fulfill all those tasks. However a good wife should know how to organize the work of the cleaning lady wisely if she uses her service.

Create the atmosphere of love at your home

The loving mothers call their daughters sweetie and honey and admire their smiles. That is the second skill of a good wife though many clever men suppose it to be her main one. The woman should give smiles and happiness. It is wonderful when a woman is literally shining with the light and the love. It is absolutely natural when a wife makes the life of the whole family more happy. The life and the atmosphere of the family depend much about the mood of the wife and her attitude towards her own life.

Become a helper and a friend of your husband

The third quality of the good wife is the skill to be a helper and a friend for her husband. Who has taught her this skill? Maybe her father? The father of the girl supposes that she needs to be a wise and a clever women when she grows up. The ability to think independently from her emotions, think about the other people and take responsibility for her own actions are the qualities of the wife who is worth of being respected. Is being respected by a spouse the crucial point in the happy marriage? It is possible that this is the secret of many happy couples which have managed to retain the steady and long term relationships.

Stay attractive and smart

Everybody knows that the men often enjoy some romance with the definite type of women but prefer the other type for the marriage. The ability to enchant the man and arouse his fantasies and passion are the things that set the relationships started. However only the women who is worth being respected by a man can account on becoming his wife.

Care about all the members of your family

The good wife should be a caring and good mother as well. The good mother is able to love her children the way they are and the good husband should be responsible for the upbringing of the children. But the emotional early upbringing is often fulfilled by the mothers. If your husband sees you patiently considering all the problems of their children, organizing their games and controlling them doing their homework you may be absolutely sure that the wise man will appreciate your efforts.


  • Don't neglect organizing your own time. You have to develop your plans for the day. In the evening the basic things should be done and the time for communicating with your family members. Moreover think about your personal time.
  • Don't suppose that the good women can't be a leader of the family. It is a common thing the the both people decide who takes the crucial solution in this or that situation. Don't be afraid to take responsibility.
  • Don't suppose that finding a compromise means to show your weakness. It is better to give your husband way in some situations than to face the conflict and try to resist it.



Accept the fact that the people accept their second halves the ways there are. Even if you are not an ideal human being your second half will love you and accept your disadvantages. Appreciate this.

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