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How to Be a Girly Girl


Some people laugh at girly girls but letís face it: those girls are pretty cute and popular. If you want to be more girly and charming, then you need to change a few things about yourself. Being a girly girl can be hard if you are a little bit of a tomboy, but if you really want to change your style then there isnít anything you canít do. Girly girls look different, talk different and wear different clothes. In this article we offer you step-by-step instructions on how to change your style and become a little bit more girly.


Start small

If you are used to wearing baggy clothes, then it may be a little bit hard for you, so you have to start small. First of all, remember that you shouldnít underestimate the power of a hairdo. Start making different hairdos and see if you feel comfortable. Braid your hair. Braid will look great both: with jeans and dresses, and braiding your hair is the first step on the way of becoming more girly.


Girly girl studies well, reads Thorn Birds and doesnít skip classes. She does her homework and listens to nice, none-violent music. Aside from classic literature a girly girl can read fancy magazines and try making something with her own hands: draw, cook, make candles and even clothes (if you can sew).


Be nice. Hang out with other girls, share interests. Smile at people, be friendly and not rude. Donít be gloomy or shy: donít be afraid to come over and talk to a guy. Mind your posture and your walk, donít stoop your shoulders. Be positive and embrace your femininity.


First you can buy some sort of a skirt that can go both: with heels and flats, like a jeans skirt. Wear it and if you feel comfortable, then get shoes that go with your skirt and get more skirts and dresses. A girly girl wears skirts and dresses, if she wears jeans, she wears them with heels. A girly girl doesnít wear vans and sneakers much. Get bright clothes, but make sure they are not too bright and there are not so many colors: you donít want to look like a clown. The bottom line is: your clothes shouldnít be dull or gloomy.


You donít have to color your hair. Quit making messy buns. Girly girls do make messy buns sometimes, but if you start making something thatís between the styles, you can gradually go back to your old style. Get hairspray, hairgrips, donut bun / hair rat / hair twist, a set of elastics. Here is the list of simple hairdos you can try (google them if you have to:

  • Gibson tuck;
  • Donut bun;
  • French twist;
  • Braid;
  • Curling your hair.


Buy bracelets, ear rings, rings, necklaces, pretty hairgrips and etc. Get a nice nail polish. If you donít use a nail polish, you still need to make sure your hands look neat and like hands of a 10-year old boy. Use mascara, lip gloss and tone cream (if necessary). Make sure your bags, belts and hats match your clothes.


  • Donít curse, smoke, take drugs, drink or skip classes.
  • Donít play violent video games.
  • Donít use makeup thatís too bright.
  • Donít buy a skirt if you have nothing that goes with it. In this case you have to buy top and shoes, too.



Becoming a girly girl may take some time: you can't just magically embrace your femininity overnight. Do it in stages and start small. Don't postpone changing you style, the more you wait, the harder it is to pull yourself together and just do it.

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