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How to Be Scene


Scene is a special term for hair, makeup and outfit style. Scene kids stand out and are not afraid to express themselves through their looks. They are vivid and memorable. If you are a big fan of this style, then you need to learn more about it. To be a scene kid, you should pay attention to three main aspects: how you style your hair, how you apply makeup and how you dress. More about it below.


Hairdo and Haircut

General.Some believe scene kids are supposed to have short hair, but it is not true. You can have long hair. To do parting, divide your hair in two uneven sections, this is what most scene kids do.

Haircut. If you are willing to use a few colors to dye your hair, then we suggest you use professional help. Before you dye your hair think everything through - search for pictures of scene kids, print them out and and show them to your hairstylist . You can even draw.

Hair color. If you are planning on using just a couple of colors, dye hair at home: for instance, dye all your hair blond, carefully take your fringe (or any other hair section), and dye it pink (or any other color), fixate it with hair clips so it doesn't color the rest of your hair.

Hairdo. To shape your hair you need to dry it so it is just a little bit moist and apply hair mousse. Tease your hair at the base, and wait for mousse to dry (feel free to use hair dryer). Comb the upper layer of your hair so it looks neat. Fixate the result with hair spray.


Scene kids use a lot of tone cream, but only to make their skin look perfect (doll skin). Make sure your skin doesn't exfoliate, if it does, wash your face with a special sponge and apply moisturizing cream. Make sure your face is the same shade as your neck (after you apply tone cream). Usually scene kids use black eyeliners / eye pencils, and neutral / light pink / light blue eye shadows. No or light pink lipstick.


Get colorful tops that keep in tone with your hair. There should always be black (among other colors). Scene kids wear tight skinny jeans of dark blue, black, or any bright color. Get at least two pairs of jeans: dark and bright. Buy a bow or a flower for your hair. You can also use big glasses and other things as accessories. Get two pairs of vans and a couple of denim (or other bright fabric) skirts.


  • Don't experiment with bright colors before you feel comfortable enough in your new style.
  • Don't forget to take care of your hair and skin, remove makeup every night. Otherwise your will have dull hair and problem skin.



Being scene can be bad for your hair for one reason - too much hair dye and hair teasing. But if you do everything right, you can avoid trouble (dull hair, split ends, etc.). Use only quality hair products. To make sure your hair is not going to be damaged, put 10 crushed Mumiyo pills (also known as amberat and Jew's Tar) in the shampoo bottle, this substance will make your hair stronger and more durable. Apply burdock root oil extract to your hair (or any other cosmetic oil) once a week.

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