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How to Be Safe in a Bad Neighborhood


Housing in a bad neighborhood may be cheap. So can life. But it doesn't mean you can't protect yourself. You don't have to be an ultimate fighting champion for that, you just have to know how to avoid getting in trouble, because dangerous situations are easier to avoid than to get out of. To learn more, read a few tips below. They will help you to be safe.



Wear running shoes. No need to explain why.

Examine the neighborhood

At daytime. With a friend. You have to do that to pick the shortest and the safest route from a bus stop / a store to your home. Every time you come back home, use this route and walk fast.

The element of surprise

If a rapist attacks you, do your best to stay calm and not to fight for the first few seconds. He expects you to fight, and when in a few seconds he realizes you don't try to protect yourself it will startle him. "why isn't she fighting? what is going on? Is it maybe because she has a knife in her pocket? Maybe her friend is around the corner?" At this moment you can catch him off guard, kick him in his gentle places and run for your life. But again, it doesn't always work, and you should use any chance to hit him and run. Use your keys, purse, phone, your knee, anything.


If you are a girl, always make a hair bun when you go outside. Your hair is what can get you in trouble. If he grabs your jacket, you can take it off, if he grabs your hand, you can kick him, but if he grabs your hair there isn't much you can do.


Don't walk the streets alone

Even if you are a petite girl and you go someplace with your girl friend, a criminal is more likely to stay away. If he catches one of you, the second one will either scream or attack him, in this case the police can show up, and this is what criminals are afraid of.

Don't wear expensive clothes

Don't wear expensive clothes and don't get your phone out of your pocket. If a criminal sees you texting with an iPhone, it is going to be bad. If you have an expensive purse, you may get attacked, too.

Don't wear heels

There is a plenty of reasons not to do that. First of all: all the noise you make will signal a criminal that a girls is walking. Alone. He will catch you off guard, and how will you run in your fancy heels?

Don't talk to strangers

Don't talk to strangers, no matter how lovely and innocent they look. Look down and walk home as quickly as you can. It doesn't matter if people think you are crazy or just rude, what matters is that you are safe and sound.



What you need to remember: no heels, ponytails or fancy clothes and purses; pick short routes and walk fast; don't walk the streets alone and don't walk the streets in the dark. Have home on your speed dial and something sharp in your pocket (keys may work), hold it in your hand when walking the streets alone. Follow these instructions and be safe!

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