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How to Be Romantic


Being romantic is such a thing that you either have or don't. Some people get more romantic after they start developing feelings towards others but it is not necessary happening all the time. If you feel that daily routine doesn't bring anything good to your relationships then it's time to spice them up and bring something romantic. If there are no natural ideas that you have, you can follow advices to surprise your date or your second couple with exquisite romantic gestures.


Start flirting again

Take your second half to eat out and try to flirt with him or her as if it was one of your first dates. You will give your partner the pleasant impulse and get the pleasure as well. Imagine that you are returning back into the past when your relationships only started to develop. You may have the wish to repeat your first date, the women may sit on their husbands knees, the couples may start kissing in the car again or hugging in front of the door of their house. A good idea is to repeat your first date. It is clear that both of you remember even the smallest details of it. Were you in the cinema eating sweet popcorn and drinking cola while watching the most boring comedy in the world? Buy the same popcorn and fins that movie. Make the private cinema at home for you two. Did you go on a bicycle trip? Repeat your root once more. Don't forget to say how do you appreciate your partner and express you love during having some rest in the stopping place. Think about your partner and you will see how it will refresh your relationships.

Wake up your feelings

Wake up your partner in the morning and tell him or her about your plans for this night. Mention all the slightest details. Tell him or her where do you want to kiss your partner and how tightly you want to hug. Show your affection fully. It is quite natural that your partner will be eager to return to your embrace by night and keep thinking of you during the whole working day which will seem to be extremely long to him or her.

Be eloquent

Even if you are signing the simplest Valentine card don't write just "I love you". Be eloquent and show the fantasy in your creation. Let the Valentine or Christmas card express your individuality. It is also a good idea to make the present card by yourself. Try scrap booking. Cut out your photos and stick them to the card. Write a poem. In the case you can't write poems you my cut out the romantic passage from some book or magazine or print out the favorite sonnet of your second half. Try to make the ancient epistle. Take the paper sheet and hold it above the gas flame for several seconds. It will get yellow. Singe the corners and the edges of the paper a little bit. That will make the paper look like a shabby antique one. Take the ink pen and write the love message or some Shakespeare sonnet on it. Roll it and twist some nice satin ribbon around the paper roll. Make the small bow or attach the both ends with the sealing wax stamp.

Devote maximum time to your partner

If it is possible take a sick day from your work and spend this day together. Watch some movie, go to the theme park or on the picnic.


  • Don't neglect saying "I love you" any time you want.
  • Don't neglect spending more time with your partner.
  • Don't neglect the wishes of your partner.



Remember that your bedroom is your secret shelter. Never quarrel in the bedroom. Make this a rule. Put the fresh flowers on the bed table and light the aroma candles. Make your bedroom a special place only for you both.

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