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How to Be Pretty


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For some people, a pretty girl is a skinny chick on high heels who wears 3 inches of makeup and is all dressed in leather; for others, pretty girl is a shortie with just a hint of makeup. All in all, tastes may vary, but still, there are some things that any girl can use to be appreciated by anyone.

Some people say that there is no such thing as an ugly girl, but there are lazy girls who donít want to take an effort and add several points to their prettiness. However, the secret of beauty is nothing but a list of simple tricks. Check this list and learn how to be pretty!


Dwell upon your strengths and hide your weaknesses

That's a main rule of attraction. Any person has strong and weak sides, so it's very important to know your strong ones and emphasize them. Thus, is you have big eyes, use proper makeup to make people notice it and maybe distract their attention from your thin lips or big nose.

Be neat

However fancy your clothes and makeup are, make sure they're not messed up. Being clean and neat is absolutely crucial when it comes to beauty advice.

Clear skin

Clean and radiant skin is a good deal of your look. If you have any skin problems like acne, acne scars, oily skin or too try skin, visit your dermatologist to get rid of the problem.

Oral care

Another essential thing to be mentioned here is oral cavity care. Psychologists say that unconsciously, the first thing that we pay attention to when meet a person is teeth (not boobs or butt as you probably used to think). It is the indicator of our health, so make sure you don't miss your dentist appointments.

Stay fit

We don't mean you should look like all those hot models, but being too skinny or overweight suits no one. Healthy amount of sports in your life will aid you tremendously on your way to prettiness.

Use makeup

Although nothing looks better than natural beauty, a few of us can boast perfect face without any cosmetics. Thus, looking natural takes more effort than applying an advanced hardcore makeup!

Opt for the clothes that flatter you

None of us was created perfect. Some of us have a little ring around the middle, others has too long extremities or short legs, etc. So, make sure you buy clothes that make you look better, compliment your eyes, hair and skin colors and so on. Mere buying fashionable stuff doesn't make you pretty after all.

Feel beautiful!

Self-presentation is 90% of your look. If you feel pretty, people feel it too.


No excessive make up

Don't use makeup to draw a new face. Wearing too much makeup, you look fake.

Don't neglect hair removal

You can be the most beautiful woman in the world but extra hair should be your secret.

Don't use too much perfume

You don't want to make people choking.

Don't become a copy

Don't try to imitate someone you consider to be pretty. Remember: being pretty means being natural. When you act like someone else, people feel.

Don't be obsessed with your looks

Don't be too concerned about the way you look. Being good looking is not an end in itself. Enjoy life and smile, and it will make you prettier in a flash.

Don't stoop or poke your head

Your posture tell a lot about your self esteem, and hang-ups are not the sexiest thing.

Don't keep late hours

Quality night sleep is a key to good appearance. Good 8 hour sleep will liberate you from using tons of concealer to hide dark circles in the morning.



All in all, being pretty is a hard work even if you were born good looking. Believe it or not, positive changes in your appearance can make a significant change of the quality of your life. Indeed, pretty girls attract people, and itís not only about the opposite sex. Don't neglect simple rules and people will notice you!

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