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How to Be Organized


Our lives are influenced by multiple factors, and our body and soul depend on whatís around us. Sooner or later, all of us need to sit down and think: ďMy life is a mess. It doesn't work that way. I have to do something about itĒ. But what? How can you possibly become organized after years of living in a mess? If youíre at this stage right now, the article will help you become a little bit more organized and relieve the burden of unsolved problems and unfinished tasks.


Clean the mess

How can you possible figure out your life if everything around you is a mess? You need to organize the space around you before things in your head get organized. Get rid of old papers and stuff you store in your closet ďjust in caseĒ. Thereís NO WAY you can possibly utilize old rusty buckets and a singe ski even if weíre talking about zombie apocalypse or space invasion. Besides, old stuff often remind us of people and events from your past, and you donít enjoy these memories.


Reconsider your circle of contacts

Are there any people in your life that show up once in a blue moon only if they need something from you or want to share their problems. As cynical as it may sound, you want to benefit from people you communicate with. Itís not about some financial profits or ďquid pro quoĒ thing Ė itís about the way people influence you. Stop seeing those whose company you donít enjoy and who make your life messier than it is.



Planning is a crucial part of being an organized person. Prioritize your tasks and try to complete them depending on their urgency. Try to complete the most challenging task in the beginning of your working day and leave the minor tasks for the second half of the day. Use an organizer app in your phone or buy a notebook to write down your plan every day.



Thatís a great technique that can help you make your life organized. Check video tutorials and read books on multitasking to learn how to cope with multiple goals at a time.


Get some help

Probably, you fail to complete your tasks because there are too many of them. Donít be afraid to ask for help.


Consider sports

Doing sports helps you being more disciplined, and thatís exactly what people unorganized people lack. Besides, sports help reduce stress and get rid of depressing thoughts.


Get rid of anything that distracts you

Kids, pets, social networks, snacks, TV series, music, phone call Ė all these things can turn a 10-minute task into an hour-long challenge.

Donít postpone things

Procrastination is your bitter enemy. Learn how to motivate yourself and complete the tasks even if you donít feel like doing that.

Donít overload yourself with tasks

You donít want to break your back while doing multiple tasks every day. Make sure you have enough time for sleep and quality leisure.

Donít ignore problems

If you have something really stressful/time consuming/challenging on the agenda, you should deal with it as soon as possible without leaving it for tomorrow. Thatís exactly how you collect the tasks and build up that mess again.



When youíre down, itís hard to rise up. Thatís why so many people life their lives in vain, procrastinate, and years pass by all the same and with no changes. In fact, collecting your thoughts together and organizing your life can improve its quality beyond recognition. Give it a try today and feel the difference.

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