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How to Be Jewish


The practicing of the procedure of converting to Judaism has been existing since the ancient times. Today it has been retained in almost the original form. The history shows us the examples of the incredible spirit of the men of bravery who had accepted Judaism. One can't imagine the history of the Jewish folk or the transmission of Torah from one generation to the other one without these people. They were Ruth, the great-grandmother of the King David, Onkelos, who translated Torah in Aramaic language, the rabbies Akiva and Meir who are the great wisest men of Talmud.

Before we start speaking about converting to Judaism and discussing its laws it is necessary to make it clear which people are supposed to be Jewish. In Torah the whole mankind is described as the unity of the people which is still split into the certain amount of the various nations. Each nation is supposed to have its own ancestor and protector, its own angel and its own mission in the Earthly life. The Jewish people were the ones who carried the mission of informing the other nations about the single God and the absolute moral principles. In the moment of obtaining Torah on the Sinai mountain the Jewish folk has become the unique elect one. That being elect means not only to know the highest norms and principles but also getting stuck to them strictly.


The process of converting to Judaism

The existing system of various nations is supposed to be perfect and it can't be alternated anyhow. The line between the Jewish people and the other ons can't be crossed according to Torah. To serve the God and be acceptable before Him it is necessary to obey the seven laws for all the rest people except the Jewish who are to obey 613 ones. Only the one who is eager to be closer to God and whose soul aspires to get something more than its mission are the possible candidate for the ceremony of converting to Judaism. This ceremony presupposes switching to the completely other standards of thinking which will have the great influence of his lifestyle. Those changes will influence not only the spiritual life but also the appearance, leisure time, the relationships with the friends and relatives and the social status as well.

The appearance and clothes

The main thing that the newly converted Jewish will have to get accustomed to is growing the beard and side-locks. The safety razors become useless. The tradition also presupposes the constant wearing of the hat. You will have to cover your head at work, during your studies, in the public places and even at home. Another obligatory detail of the clothes will surprise the other people by tassels that can be seen below the belt. Shorts and T-shirts are prohibited. You will be allowed to remove the items of clothes only in the bathroom or before you go to sleep. The clothes for women may be quite different but it should cover the shoulders, the knees and the elbows. The married women should hide their hair fully. The transparent, tight clothes, long earrings or bright make up are supposed to be vulgar.

Leisure time

Each spare hour that a man gets is supposed to be spent in prayers and studying Torah. That means you should attend the synagogue almost daily. There is no special time for watching movies, relaxing or attending theaters in Judaism. Moreover you should analyze the content of the movies or books carefully.

Social status

The Judaism presupposes refraining from any kind of work on Saturdays (and Fridays in winter). During the ecclesiastical holidays it is also prohibited to work. In that way the ability to contest in the employment market decreases dramatically. Besides that the traditional attributes may become the target of the mockery.


  • Don't make the final decision without thinking over all the aspects of your new life.
  • Don't neglect the necessity to follow the rules precisely.
  • Don't do anything without being approved by rabbi.



The traditional way of life typical of the Jewish can't be hidden from the relatives and friends. It is likely that you will face misunderstanding and disapproving attitude from them. Alas it may lead to the family conflicts and quarrels. Be patient and persistent in your decision. Try to find the company of the like-minded people.

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