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How to Be Funny Around Girls


Everyone knows that the best way to pick a girl is to make her laugh. Girls love guys with a good sense of humor, and it will help you be popular around the hottest females even if you are ugly/fat/have a weird haircut/ drive crappy car (underline whichever is correct in your case). Most guys become very serious when they are around girls Ė thatís a natural reaction because they want to look cool and tough and donít want to reveal their shortcomings. However, laughter is exactly what creates a relaxed atmosphere and charges people around you with positive energy. Thatís what girls like a lot, and if they consider you to be funny, they would want you in their company.

Be yourself

The first thing you should know is that there are no universal jokes that would make each and every girl laugh. The point is, ďgirlĒ is not a function, and each girl has her own sense of humor. Thus, there is no one-fits-all advice for cracking jokes around girls. The only way to do that is being yourself and feeling relaxed and confident.


They say that a good sense of humor is an indicator of personís mental abilities. In other words, you should be smart enough to understand jokes. Roughly speaking, parodies and a lot of acting and mimics would work when you are around the cheerleaders while girls from your math class would appreciate rough satire.

Pick a line

There are so many ways to go when you are choosing the style! Ideally, you should pick those that are closer to you, but in case you consider poop jokes to be the funniest ones, you should consider additional options. Plus, if you are around a new company of girls and not pretty sure what they are like, youíd better test the water by cracking a few innocent jokes of different types and see which ones are more successful.

  • Overacting

In other words, you make fun of things by hyperbolizing and overacting until itís actually funny. Like these dudes: Smosh

  • Teasing humor

It often works well with pretty girls because they are tired of guysí being wheedlers.

  • Parody

Works great with most girls. If you are good in it, give it a try. Just try to mock something these girls are interested in.

  • Satire

Also very effective but kind of dangerous. You want to be funny but itís easy to get too offensive. Thatís one of those things that Louis CK called a ďholy sh*t, thatís funny or holy sh*t that kind of scared meĒ thing.

  • Donít be a clown. Thereís a thin line between a nice and funny guy and a needy circus freak, and you donít want to trespass this line. Thatís pathetic.
  • Donít get flirty, especially if you hang out with a bunch of girls. They are competitive creatures and they wonít appreciate your paying more attention to one of them. If you are equally nice to all of them, they would probably start competing for you.
  • Donít be too rude, offensive or teasy. Try to stay positive because the vast majority of girls stand upon dignity and want to be treated like princesses.
  • Donít try too hard. You are not a standup comedian and not paid for making people laugh. Donít forget to take a break and let them know that you are actually a nice and adequate guy.
  • Avoid anecdotal type of humor. No one laughs of anecdotes.



Thereís no need to bother in case you were lucky to hang out with Jenna Marbles type of girls that canít get embarrassed or mad about any type of jokes, but most girls are not like that. As you see, there are no rules when it comes to making the girls laugh (except for maybe farting, sexist jokes, and punching them in the face), so just be yourself and watch their reaction.

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