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How to Be Emo


The appearing of such phenomenon as emo is quite predictable and inevitable in the society where people don't care about each other, hide their emotions and stay indifferent to everything and everyone around. Thus, people join emo subculture to throw off the mask of indifference and be sympathetic and sincere.

Today, people are prejudiced against emo; particularly, they believe that any emo boy's or emo girl's daily routine consists of endless crying, annoying moaning, and attempted suicides. De-mythologizing such sort of things is not easy, but you can at least learn what the real emo kids are like.




Of course, ideology is the first thing you should understand about emo subculture. As the name suggests, it's all about emotions, and that's where the first myth crushes. ANY emotions. Sadness and happiness, joy and sorrow. And your aim as a true emo kid is to express any of these emotions whenever you feel them. Don't hide your emotions even if the situation and the rules don't allow you to be emotional.



You can't become a true emo kid without looking like a true emo kid. Basically, that's pretty easy due to a number of distinctive elements in your look. Thus, you can't go wrong when you wear black and pink. Black hair and side-swept bangs are the musts. Skinny jeans, tight t-shirts, belts with heavy buckles, lots of accessories like gismos, neckties, pins, buttons, and chains will make you look like a natural born emo, and a pair of sneakers and a bag with a related print will complete the look. And don't forget eyeliner and piercing!



That's an integral part of any emo's life. So, leave some space on your iPod for emo core bands like My Chemical Romance, The Used, Fall Out Boy, Paramore, Boys Like Girls, and others. By the way, having emo friends is an important part of being emo, and music is an easy way to find like-minded people.



Speaking about friends, online communication is very popular among emo kids. They meet each other on forums and social networking websites, and that's an easy way to find new friends and hang out together. Emo usually choose crowded places like malls, parks and concerts for their meetings.

Although your grandma thinks you look like a junkie, you should remember that emo kids are typically straight agers. They don't smoke, prefer to refuse to drinking alcohol and eating meat. Probably, this fact will help your parents accept your new lifestyle.


Don't overact

People don't like wannabes, including your emo fellows. Being hysterical about bad marks and eating broccoli is not emo style.

Don't follow the crowd

You don't have to try each and every suicide option every week because other people do.



To say the least, people are hostile to emo kids. However, if you keenly feel the unfairness of the world, emo subculture would be a good manifestation. Just remember that you can't become an emo if you don't have the inner imperative.

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