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How to Be Awesome


Everyone defines awesome differently. For some people it means to have a rich inner world and for other to be popular. Here we will give you an example of what we find awesome and hope you are with us on this one. This article isn’t just about becoming awesome – it is about improving your life, as if you become awesome and don’t lose yourself in the process – your life will become awesome.


Be up for things

You should have seen “Yes man” by now, and this is a good example of a man who was up for things which made him awesome. Of course, you shouldn’t say “Yes” to everything, but if someone needs company to go on a weekend trip – you can come. If someone asks you to do something, don’t refuse if you have nothing better to do (FYI: sitting at home and watching TV isn’t a better thing to do). Even if event you are invited to doesn’t sound so fun, you can come instead of just being at home. Try to make memories every day, because it can be too late for that in the future. And people will love you for being up for interesting stuff, soon they will associate you with fun! But you need to avoid looking needy: don't force your company on anyone.

Be special

It doesn’t mean you have to try to be great at something you are actually horrible at. Everyone has something special about them, so sit back and think: what is so special about you? It can be anything, something that you may find insignificant, like cooking great cupcakes or solving a rubik's cube in a minute. If you can sing or do something big, use it, but remember that no one likes a bragger. To get people interested, tell them how you do it, share your experience or tell them something funny or interesting about this activity you are involved in.

Be yourself

It may sound like a useless and meaningless advice, but being yourself is important when you try to be awesome, and here is why. We all have our flaws: some people are too long or too short, others enjoy Twilight or don’t read books, and it doesn’t matter because each one of us has flaws. And to be truly awesome you have to admit those flaws, accept them and be awesome in spite of them. Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother is incredibly creative, his flaw is – he is a sociopath; Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory is a brilliant scientist but he, as they say, hasn’t reached sexual maturity and probably never will; doctor House loves soap operas and is not ashamed of it. If you hide your flaws or are ashamed of them, your awesomeness is not going to last – you can't wear a mask forever. We all have flaws which is why you admitting yours will make others respect you.

Be brave

You should have your own opinion about things, but you should also respect opinions of other people. Stand up for yourself and for your friends, be a person they can rely on. Never let your friends feel you don’t care about them – you can have a plenty of flaws, but only one of them matters – indifference to people who care about you. Be ready to help when they need you.

Be funny

Be funny, but make sure your humor isn’t offensive or disgusting (you don’t want to joke about poop and stuff). You can even get a catch phrase, but it shouldn’t be obvious. If it is obvious, you will look pathetic. Barney Stinson has obvious catch phrases “It is going to be legendary”, “Suit up” and “I am awesome”, you don’t want that. For Jo from Friends is was “How are you doing?”, for Dr. House “Everybody Lies” and for Sheldon Cooper “Live long and prosper” (although it is not his) and “I am not crazy, my mother had me tested”.


Don’t be a buzz kill

Even if you feel sad at a party (that happens to some people), don’t show that. If you want to go home – go, but don’t make a scene. Don’t pout if you don’t get your way. Don’t get into a fight unless it's something serious. Forget silence treatment, too.

Don’t be lazy

Laziness and awesomeness are incompatible. You are the one people are supposed to want to be out with. And you can’t be that person if you are too lazy to get up and do stuff.

Don’t change your beliefs

If you don’t drink – don’t start just because you want to make people like you. Don’t change your priorities and beliefs. That tip works for those who have a heart in the right place: if there is something you know you should change – change it.



Remember that one doesn't just magically become awesome, it takes time: it takes time to get out of your comfort zone, it takes time to get more friends, and it takes time to get used to all that and feel comfortable. That's when you can start getting awesome.

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