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How to Avoid Temptation to Sin


We all know how hard it can be to fight temptation to sin. And most advices we hear don't work. We don't even have to try to follow them to understand they are not going to work. In this article we offer you a few tips on how to avoid sins, we don't know if they work for you but we do hope they will make you rethink some stuff and find your own way to avoid sins.




This sin is one of the most widely spread ones. There is a lot of articles written about how to stop eating, and the most obvious punishment for this sin is obesity, bad skin condition, heart diseases and etc. Think about it. If you have any of the problems listed above, isn't it a sign? Isn't it God telling you to stop?



So many crimes are made out of greed: old people and children left without their homes, murdered people, corruption, theft - greed breeds all these horrible things. But people who do all those things weren't always like that. At some point the "level" of greed in their hearts was as low as yours. They didn't fight it. But you can.



Think about all you could be but didn't become. Had bad grades at school? Healthy, but still overweight? And whose fault is that?



Rage is one of the most horrible human feelings. Everyone realizes that. In most cases rage is caused by minor things, nonetheless it ruins families, it ruins friendship, it can even ruin your career. If you attack someone, you can go to jail. How will your family feel? Rage if often caused by unimportant things, and when you give in to it, not only do you hurt people you love, you push them away and hurt yourself by doing that. Taking sedatives or an anger management class is worth saving your family, isn't it? When you feel a hit of anger coming up, and you are not sure you can deal with it, apologize before it happens, and leave your house before you start yelling - go for a run, unwind. Do this until you learn to control it. But don't drink or take drugs - it is even worse.



It is the ugly sin, no need to say it can ruin your life. Just remember: other people's lives are not as good as they seem to be. Even if you think you know how they live, you actually have no idea. Maybe they grew up in broken homes, maybe they have horrible chronicle diseases or internal conflicts they can't possibly deal with. Pray for them and be grateful for what you have.



You have to admit, racism and hate crimes have a lot to do with pride, as people who commit them obviously put themselves above others. Of course you are not like them, and we give you these examples to emphasize that: you are not like that, and you don't want to be like that.



Last but not least. The most widely used argument here is the "sexual diseases" one. But did it ever work for anyone? What you need to keep in mind is: everything gets old. If you are craving for someone new, you need to remember that novelty wears off. FAST. And those who change their partners trying to preserve this novelty say that very soon new partners blend in one, everything is the same, and it gets old, too. By the time they realize that - they have already lost their beloved ones. There is nothing more pleasant than having your beloved one hold you in your sleep. Why chase someone new?


Don't listen to questionable advice. Analyze things first. Some recommend staying away from temptations, hiding from them, but does it really work? The more you hide, the more you hold back, the bigger the chance it all will blow up into your face eventually. It is like denial. Try staring temptation in the face and stay calm. You might as well give it a finger if you wasn't Christian enough. Learn to say "So what", when your friends tell you that you are missing out on so much (like going to a strip club), - "what AM I missing out on, really?" Because you are not missing out on anything.



If you think about it: almost all these sins ruin health and /or lives of those who sin. Those commandments exist for your own sake: so you don't have health problems, so you and your family are safe. Because God loves you. Show him gratitude and respect by doing right.

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