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How to Attract a Guy


This is the eternal question that all girls have been asking themselves since the outset of times. Unfortunately, there is no one-fits-all strategy, but there are some tricks that work in the vast majority of situations for most men. Basically, each girl is special and have the potential to attract men, all you need is release this power and leverage it for finding a perfect partner.



Look good

As trivial as it may sound, men love attractive women. Of course, beauty alone can't guarantee your success, but it makes your chances a lot better. It's not about wearing vulgar dresses and 3 inches of makeup. Just try to look your best every day because you never know when you will have a chance to make the first step to the man of your dream.


Be mysterious

Don't share all your secrets and facts from the past with the guy you like. You need to charm him and create the impression of an ideal girl, so try not to ruin the impression by your talkativeness. It's a good idea to tell him about your background in portions. And of course, there are some things that you shouldn't share at all.


Impress him with your extraordinary self

If you have some special talents, achievements or hobbies, feel free to let him know. Guys love infatuated girls who have interests and develop their talents. Just be moderate and don't overload him with the information.


Support his interests

Once you've shared your interests, ask him questions about his life and find out what he likes. Show the enthusiasm and admiration and try to get engaged with some common activity.


Ask questions

Let him feel special. Usually, these are girls who talk, but it doesn't mean guys don't want to talk about themselves too.


Be charismatic

It's a difficult part because you can't get it in one day or fake it. Nonetheless, it's great when the guy you like sees that people are attracted by you and that you can influence them. If so many people like you, his animal instincts would tell him that he wants to own you.


Mind the gap

It's not a good advice if you just want to get laid, but in case you have serious plans for this guy, you want to keep the distance for some time. It's not only because a good girl should be virtuous, but because you want to keep him interested. Besides, sex is something that you would have hundreds of hours for if your plan works. Enjoy the first stages of the relationships.


Keep him on a short leash

Miss the calls from time to time, don't answer his messages, and be a little late. Don't let him realize that you are totally into him; otherwise, he can lose interest.


Make each meeting special

Although courting is traditionally considered to be a man's business, you should be creative to attract a guy as well. Surprise him by visiting unusual places, give him little nice gifts to flatter him.


  • Don't get too far with that "short leash" trick. You just want to have a little bit more odds, not scare him away or make him really jealous.
  • Don't be annoying and pushy. This is a mistake that many girls make, especially when they feel that the guy is interested in them. They start chasing him, raising claims and being jealous and capricious. This is the fastest way to lose him.
  • If nothing works, try the last trick - ignore him. Sometimes we start valuing people only when we lose them.
  • And finally, don't be upset if nothing works and this guy rejects you. Sometimes you need to deal with the truth: he's just not into you. It's probably not because of you - some people are just not destined to be together, so maybe that's the case.



Any girl wants to be loved and admired by men. Sometimes, girls want to feel that even if looking for her SPECIAL ONE is not her plan at the moment. Men's attention unravels their femininity and makes her feel better. That's just what women are. Hopefully, some of these tricks will be useful for you and help you attract a guy you like.

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