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How to Attract Men


Finding a man can be challenging even for beautiful and smart women. They may think: "What am I doing wrong? How come that girl has a boyfriend and I don't? She is not even that pretty." It isn't always about your looks (even though looks / style do matter), it is about how you act, it is about signals you send and little innocent tricks. Here are some very easy tricks that can help you attract a man, all you need is remember them at all times.




Eye contact. Look into his eyes. This way it will make him feel like you are interested in his personality. Make him believe you find everything he says interesting.



Make an excuse to touch him: touch his hand as he makes you laugh, etc. But avoid being aggressive, make it seem natural. Remember: he is the leader (or so you should have him believe).



In the beginning of your relationships express genuine interest in his views, this will make getting to know each other much easier.



Remember: men like women who find them worthy. Appreciate and respect him, and you will get respect and love in return.



Say his name, it will show the attention, works really well if you just met.



If you are not dating this man or don't even know his name, hiding your eyes may help. First you should look at him and make sure he notices it. As soon as he catches your look, look away as if you were embarrassed.



Remember: everyone likes talking about themselves. It is the most interesting topic isn't it?



Always dress well. Even if you are going to a store. You must always look good. It doesn't mean you should look like a supermodel, it means you should be neat and avoid sportswear. You don't have to wear high heels, but it doesn't mean you should always wear sneakers.



Mind your face expression. You may be very tired after a hard day at work and look grumpy. Avoid that. Smile. Try to look radiant, imagine yourself send out pheromones. Imagine you are in a wonderful happy place - a meadow or whatever place you find soothing and beautiful.



Be careful using perfume, it shouldn't cover up your natural scent - your pheromones.


Don't be afraid

Don't be afraid to show you care (as a man subconsciously views a woman as a mother of his children), but avoid being clingy and annoying.

Don't agree on everything

Don't keep agreeing with him on everything - he may find it ridiculous and think that you are just trying to please him or worse - that you don't have your own opinion. Don't disagree too much either - just enough to show him you have your own views. Do it in a gentle way.

Don't make a move

If you do, a man will probably go for it, but it doesn't mean your relationship will last. As we mentioned above, let him be the leader. Let him initiate the night, and before that happens, enjoy him wooing you. You can always boost his initiative.

Don't forget

Make a list of things you like about yourself. Don't forget them.



Tips listed above are pretty common but many women tend to forget about these little tricks. Remember that there is nothing more attractive than a graceful woman who knows how good she looks. But nobody likes a bragger so politeness and dignity matter too.

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