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How to Astral Project


Astral projection can become an unforgettable experience. Basically, astral projection is traveling from your physical to your astral body. Although it sounds pretty weird for those who judge things with a healthy doze of skepticism, many people swear they can do it, and you can do it too if follow our guidelines. So, are you ready for the most exciting journey of a lifetime?



Eliminate disturbing factors

Firstly, get rid of any disturbing factors. It's a good idea to practice at night or early in the morning when everyone's sleeping and won't interrupt you.


Mind the diet

Eat veggie the day before your first trial, or refuse to food at all. Ideally, have a light snack and drink some water 3-4 hours before you start practicing.


Protect yourself

Some people recommend taking some protective measures for your physical body. Particularly, you want to use salt (it symbolizes earth) and water (which is the element of parallel universes): some people take bath with sea salt, others just spray some salty water around them.



Go back to the room. You should be either naked or wear some loose, soft, and comfy clothes. Prepare a pen and a sheet of paper if you want to write down your astral experience.



Sit yourself in a cozy armchair, close your eyes, and relax. You can sit anywhere you want, just make sure you feel comfortable. Make sure the room temperature feels comfortable as well: it shouldn't be too hot or too cold.

Clear your mind from anything that can distract you. Forget about your problems, routines, duties, and of course, forget about your fear. There's nothing to be afraid of. Imagine a protective "cloud" made of light around you. Feel this light surrounds you and penetrates into each and every cell of your body. Your main goal now is 100% relaxation of your body and mind. Breathe in and breath out deeply, but without any tension.


Go astral

Once you reached the state when you are almost asleep but still conscious, try to make your astral body separate from your physical body. Channel your consciousness into your forehead area. If you succeed with that, you would experience weird feelings of vibration and fight or falling. You can find this feeling familiar: you often feel this way when you are falling asleep, but you just didn't know what it was before. Once these feelings become clear, try to "catch" this state and let your spirit go downhill. That's probably the most challenging part because when people realize that it's happening, their mind gets scared and forces your consciousness to get back to your physical body.


Take control of your astral body

If you succeeded with that, figure out what you want to do. For a newbie, flying over your physical body is a good option. Thus, you get those unusual exciting sensations and don't leave the room.

Take a look at your physical body lying sitting in the chair. Touch the walls: they may feel soft or firm depending on how dense your astral projection happens to be this time. All in all, do everything you feel like doing.


Go back

To get back to your physical body, just think about it, and it will happen immediately. It may feel quite sort or pretty sharp, depending on how far away from your body you traveled.


Capture the memories

Try to catch your sensations and keep them in mind. Write them down on a sheet of paper.


  • Don't overeat before the trial. Refuse to meat, saturated fats, and other heavy meals.
  • Don't cross your legs and arms. It makes your astral project attempts harder to take.
  • Don't leave the room during your first astral journey. You can experiment with faraway places later, but you need to learn how to astral project and know how it feels first.
  • Don't make sharp movements for 30-60 seconds when you are back into your body.



Astral projection is not impossible, and that's a fact. Yes, it's not something people do every day, but remember that long time ago when you were a newborn baby, your tongue couldn't produce words and your legs couldn't take steps. Basically, all you need to do is forget your fear, free your mind, relax and wish to leave your physical body.

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